Squawk Box Subscription Review – March 2018

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Squawk Box is a monthly birdie care package of 4-6 bird treats, toys, and more delivered straight to your door. Because parrots, big and small, need a great amount of stimulation to thrive, Squawk Box will deliver a new selection of toys every month. Every crate is carefully curated to keep our feather friends happy and healthy!

The box is available in four sizes: Little Birdie (great for Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Green Cheek Conure sized), Middle Birdie (great for Quakers, Conures, Senegals, Pionus, Timneh Greys, Caiques, some Mini Macaws & some small cockatoos), Big Birdie (Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, and Congo African Grey sizes), and Jumbo Birdie (large Amazons, Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos). The monthly subscription starts at $24.95 for the Little Birdie to $44.95 for the Jumbo Birdie, with significant discounts for longer subscriptions. Knowing that parrots have a long life ahead of them, and that they will destroy everything around them (including my couch), the longer subscription is definitely a must!

Also, for each Squawk Box ordered, a percentage goes to parrot rescues. Not only do you provide fun new treats to your own bird, but you help other parrots as well!

This review is for the Little Birdie. My assistant reviewer is Kiwi the lovebird. As soon as she sees the box, she’ll follow me around to get me to open the box for her! (I’m not kidding, she crawled under the door of the room where I left it!)

Everything in the box, including all the yellow paper squiggles that would make some bird really happy. Oh, and the box is also safe to destroy.

There is no information on the content of the box, but you get a nice DIY Parrot Treat, a Did You Know about Parrot’s Taste buds, and the Rescue of the Month. For March, part of the money from the sale of each Squawk Box goes to Soft Landings Parrot Rescue, Inc in Owasso, Oklahoma! (Note, there’s a mistake on the note as this is the March Box, not the April one.) Look at the rabbit ears on the logo!

“Dis ma box. I iz still pretty!” Sorry for her ruffled feathers this month, she’s going through a molt and there’s feathers everywhere. And she’s bittier and more impatient than usual. But yes Kiwi, you are still pretty!

Thinking hard on what to destroy first, but she flew off after walking around. She didn’t touch anything! Silly bird!

Eggy Basket by Feathered Addiction Bird Supplies. “A 4″ oval bamboo basket filled with stringy bright green spring paper shreds, a palm flower and a pine Feathered Addictions Own Egg shape that has been hand spotted using only food dye (as always), with two balsa slices in assorted spring time colours.” This is so cute and bright! Kiwi stayed away from it as it’s almost as big as her, so she’ll get to it at some point. Just not today!

Pinata by Planet Pleasures. I couldn’t find the exact toy, but it’s shreddable! Lots of hours (or minutes, depending on the bird!) of fun destroying palm leaves!

Bunny-n-Beads by Feather Land. Made with chewable leather, acrylic beads and woods, this is such an adorable little toy! This is the first time Kiwi received a toy she already got in a Squawk Box.

This was from April 2017 Squawk Box. Since then, the toy died due to a destructive and happy beak.

And this was from today! Yes, she still likes that toy, she recognized it so she wasn’t afraid! Still a winner!

World’s Best Diced Carrots Treats. She also received this in April 2017 box. She still doesn’t care for it. Most of the time! She doesn’t see them as the enemy anymore and she’ll push them around in her bowl. Patience is the name of the game with parrots!

Bird Preferred LLC – Lucky Waffles. Spelt, Millet and Rice flour, spirulina, natural banana flavor and other good food in there. It actually tastes good (yes, I tasted it).

If your bird doesn’t know what to do with them, just break them apart in pieces about the same size as their pellets or seeds. They don’t really soften in the water dish, as far as I’ve seen.

Let’s see what Kiwi thinks of the big piece.

See her raised feathers on her back? She hates it! (But it’s fine when it’s in tiny pieces in her food bowl, so YMMV)

“Iz good box.” Yes, Kiwi liked this month’s box, especially the rabbit and the pinata! It’s nice to have a variety of texture and colors and I can say for sure that she is slowly getting used to new treats as the diced carrots had a better reaction than last year’s test. Don’t worry if it takes time for your bird to be interested in new toys or treats, just be patient and slowly introduce it to new things!

Kiwi and I love Squawk Box as it is great to discover new toys, and maybe new favorites. I’m happy to say that having new toys every month got Kiwi even more curious about new things, and less stressed out when something different happens. And seeing that Kiwi recognizes the box every month makes me think that she really enjoys getting new toys to love or hate!

I’m impressed by the variety of toys available out there as Kiwi has been subscribed to Squawk Box for a while now and she only received the same toy once! It’s fun to get a box of new toys and treats to discover, instead of spending countless hours at the pet store in front of a very limited selection to end up buying the same toy over and over again! And sometimes, your bird will surprise you by loving a toy or treat you were sure it would hate!


What do you think of this month’s Squawk Box?

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