Simple Loose Leaf Tea March 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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Simple Loose Leaf is a monthly tea box, which delivers four hand selected, loose-leaf teas each month. Subscriptions start at $9.

There’s a card containing some information about each tea. I find these tidbits of information so much fun, who knows when Jeopardy will have a tea category.

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Reusable Tea Bags. I have become a firm believer in these, they make my eco-friendly heart happy. They are so much simpler than using a tea ball and I have little to no residue in the bottom of my cup.

Royal Golden. This is a standard caffeine blend, which is good by me! I love that you can look at the packaging and find out how much caffeine you’ll be getting. Now, don’t get me wrong it’s not all about caffeine, I just need a heads up if I’m only looking to enjoy the cup of tea.

This is a tea that should be consumed with friends and without any additives. Served “neat” is the best way for this little prince! I love that through the back of the package you can see the black tea and golden tips. Being able to see and touch my tea makes it that much more special.

Sky At Sunset. This blend of citrus fruits and roses is like summer in a cup.

I made my first cup of this overnight in the frig for a delightful after dinner drink with no caffeine, it was the perfect way to relax. I don’t normally add sugar or anything else to my tea but I think the next cup is going to have just a tish of sugar to help bring out the citrus notes.

Energized Herbal. This blend is something to get your mind and body going in the morning. All done without caffeine!

Now the fact that this blend has no caffeine, licorice and peppermint makes it far from the top of my tea list, but like a true tea fanatic I pushed on and brewed a cup. I am so glad I read the pamphlet because the suggestion of adding honey was a winner. This will not become my go to tea but it was very enjoyable.

Pinhead Gunpowder. A classic style of green tea, this gunpowder green tea has tightly rolled leafs that unfurl when brewed.

Just by looking at this I wasn’t sure I wanted to see how it brewed up. It reminds me of something my daughter would track into the house on her shoes. Once again I put my big girl pants on armed with a honey stick and enjoyed a heck of a good cup of tea. Green tea is very hit or miss with me, normally I like it best with some sort of fruit notes, but I would drink this plain again without twisting my own arm.

Simple Loose Leaf Tea is a great way to try many different teas without splurging on something you might dislike. I love that there is little filler and everything is neatly packed. The more I use loose leaf tea the more I like them, they have a much better flavor than ordinary tea bags found in the grocery store. With summer coming I’m hoping for lots of fruity flavors and teas that can be brewed cold. I know I am asking for a lot but Simple Loose Leaf Tea seem like they might be up for my challenge.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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