March 2018 Yummy Bazaar Subscription Box Review – Mini Box

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Yummy Bazaar is a destination food club subscription box. For the awesomely low price of $9.95 a month, you can get the Yummy Bazaar Mini (World Sampler Monthly Gourmet Club). Each destination box will take you on a food tour of 2-3 countries with 6-8 delicious, sample size products.

The box usually has items from around the globe.

It was securely packed using a tape featuring the Yummy Bazaar logo and some cute doodles.

This month’s info card features a photo of Mt. Fuji in Japan!

Everything is placed neatly!

According to the card, the box will include items from Japan, Thailand, and Korea.

The product description pages include a brief description of each item, along with a list of ingredients, several suggested uses, the retail price, and the origin.

Yummy Bazaar also offers a full-size gourmet foodstuff box that concentrates on a specific country each month. Check it out here.

Aside from the featured card, the box also included a discount card.

It’s a $10 off coupon code you can use on your next order at Yummy Bazaar’s online shop.

The box with many treats!

Basak Grilled Chicken Seasoning – Turkey. This seasoning will take your chicken to an entirely different level. It is made with curry, a mixture of sweet and hot peppers, mint, and other seasonings. To use, just pour the seasoning into a bowl together with the chicken, put a little olive oil, water, and mix.

Gran Pavesi Italian Crackers – Italy. You can eat these biscuits in a lot of ways. You can either top them with cheeses and spreads, have it with soup, or just enjoy it as is.

These crackers make for a light afternoon snack. They’re crispy and I could really taste the rosemary flavor and the olive oil. They were totally amazing.

Dongwoon Korean Seaweed Sheets – Korea. Seaweed is a popular snack in Korea. Aside from using it in making gimbap (a Korean dish similar to sushi), you can simply enjoy the seaweed on its own. This pack is seasoned and it also goes well with the Korean alcoholic beverage called soju.

Chaokoh Roasted Coconut Chips – Thailand. These healthy chips are made by roasting strips of coconut.

The chips are crunchy and sweet. The packaging makes it easy to bring anywhere so you can have a yummy snack on-the-go.

Nestle Green Tea KitKat – Japan. Kitkat is a Western classic, but Japan definitely produces the best (and most unique) Kitkat flavors in the world. This matcha version is one of the most popular!

Instead of milk chocolate, they use white chocolate to create a more receptive palette for the matcha.

This was really creamy but not too sweet. If you’re a fan of the matcha drink, you’ll probably love this KitKat too.

Kasugai Japanese Gummy Candy – Japan. These gummy candies are flavored with melon, a fleshy and slightly sweet fruit popular in Japan.

Each piece was soft and flavorful. Too bad we only received two because I would have loved to have more!

Getting an around the world snacking experience for just $10 definitely makes me happy. This month’s box focused on delicious goodies from different Asian countries and everything tasted great, no doubt they’re favorites in their country of origin. Yummy Bazaar is a fun and an inexpensive way to know the different cultures of various places in the world through snacks and other edible goodies. It’s like having an international food trip without leaving your home!

Have you tried Yümmy Bazaar? What did you think of this month’s box?

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