Lip Monthly February 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Lip Monthly is a monthly makeup subscription that is all about your lips. Every month you will receive a unique bag of 4-5 items mostly for lips, although other cosmetics may appear from time to time. The pink outer bag is also new and an upgrade from the previous plain kraft envelope.

DEAL: Subscribe for a whole year and get 3 bags free with 3FREE or use coupon code LIPLOVER1 to get your first bag for $5.

This is the February bag which didn’t arrive until March. The bag this month was made of cloth, a change from the shiny bags we’ve been getting the last few months.

There was no product info on the back of the card this month.

Hikari Matte Lip Gloss ($13) — Hikari has some pretty solid makeup products, I’m partial to their eyeshadows and their lipglosses. This is a matte lipgloss, but it’s such a common colour I have similar ones already so I didn’t keep this for myself.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Stain ($13) — I always like JPP products, and their lip stains are great as they’re not drying. This one can be used on cheeks as well.

So Susan Lip Dew ($19) — I’m so sad — when I swatched this, it was so soft and melted it broke clean off. It’s an incredibly rich and hydrating tinted moisturizer for your lips.

Lip Dew on left, lip stain on right.

South Mane Lip Gels ($9) — A pack of three sealed lip masks; these are made of a hydrogel material and give your lips some much needed TLC. Unfortunately I found these to be sized way too big compared to my favourite Korean brands, and they didn’t stay on my lips for very long.

This month’s bag was a bit of a bummer for me. I’m curious as to why they went back to the old bags, and whether we won’t be getting information on the products going forward.

What do you think of Lip Monthly?

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  • Beth Kinder

    Ok, my experience is one of horror and a giant waste of money. I signed up for lip monthly a year ago. In addition my brother got a monthly subscription for his girlfriend (we live together) at my urging, I signed up a couple of friends as gifts and used a visa gift card so they could put their card on if they liked the subscription or they could cancel, and urged my makeup junkie friends to join. I got duds every month, all naturals/nudes, I’m a pink and purple gal not an old lady. It took me 4 months to cancel my subscription and my brother’s. You sign in and have to cancel your subscription, easy enough right? No, then an email comes offering a discount, to cancel or keep you have to click a link in the email. You can click the button to keep but the cancel button doesn’t work, so for months we went round and round, 2 subscriptions at one address and neither could be cancelled. Finally after multiple emails I got cancelled! Yay! Not so much. Both subscriptions would have the last bag February 2018. My brother was billed on 2/1 and I was billed on 2/15, it’s always been the 1st & 15th. So…. my brother’s girlfriend got a duplicate makeup bag (who cares we have so many bags now anyway) and all duplicate makeup including a rancid lip balm and all duplicate makeup.He emailed and they said their vendor was late (put the blame on someone else, don’t own it) delivering their bags so they had to use previously sent bags, but why did the makeup have to be old too? Anyway they sent a replacement balm and a different bag, his girlfriend already had the crappy makeup they sent and he requested fresh makeup and would return the old crap. That bag, arrived today and although the brands were different the colors of each item I swear are exactly the same. Now my bag, ugh. 38 emails because they do not have a phone number you can call, that’s correct, no customer service number, because they have no customer service. So they forgot to send my February bag, claiming due to two accounts going to one address. It’s never been a problem before, and they didn’t forget to charge me. So I send an email explaining and get a response from Susie saying please be patient we will fix it, with urgency. I emailed back and asked for my tracking number and Rebecca responds, she has no idea what I’m talking about, I send another email and Laura responds please be patient we will handle with the utmost urgency. A couple days go by and I email and ask for my tracking number, I get a response from Monique, she has no clue what I am talking about, again I explain and Michelle responded please be patient, we are handling this with the utmost urgency. Meanwhile my brother is dealing with a similar situation trying to get fresh not duplicated makeup. Yesterday a tracking number came!!! I responded not realizing my brother never signed off the computer and it ways his email I responded to. After realizing I emailed explaining I accidentally emailed from his email etc. I got a nasty email saying if I want no confusion to email from my personal email, yeah thank you I’m not stupid I just explained what happened. About a week ago we started just asking for 1 specific person because they were killing me slowly with a spoon. In addition I was asked why I needed a bag and this person knew exactly what was going on! She said she sent my bag!!!! I have not gotten my February bag as of yet. I sent one last email, it’s a $10 bag, $10 and rediculous! They either send my stupid bag with all nude colors or I will send my bank the months of emails of trying to end my subscription. Beware!!!! This subscription sucks! They don’t have a phone, and don’t assign 1 person to a problem. If you want to bang your head against the wall and have to be put on medication for anxiety, this is for you!