Boxwalla Beauty Box April 2018 Full Spoilers!

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We have the full spoilers for the April 2018 Beauty Box from Boxwalla!

The theme for April’s Beauty Box is ‘The Chronicles of a Plant Lab‘.

This April we showcase the Spanish/British brand Twelve Beautyfounded by Pedro Catala, who is a botanist, pharmacist and cosmetologist with a PhD in Natural Formulation and Technologies. With a balanced and insightful approach to skin and skincare, he marries his scientific understanding of skin & natural plant material with his passion for creating elegant, sophisticated formulations that are incredibly reparative and effective.

The April Box will contain two full-size products from Twelve Beauty Retail Value : $180+

Spoiler #2


The Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum (full size, $90)


The Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum is an incredibly effective, versatile emulsion that hydrates, moisturizes, treats, repairs and soothes the skin. It can be used as a hydrating antioxidant seruma light moisturizer as well as a glow booster! Made with both lipid and water components to mimic the composition of the outer layer of the skin, it is fill with wonderful plant extracts like yarrow, heath speedwell, buddheja, mallow and more that support and improve the health of the skin, while protecting it from environmental damage.

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✨April Beauty Spoiler 2✨ . 🌿Chronicles of a Plant Lab 🌿 . This April, as Spring springs upon us, we have another product in the box, designed, developed & made by Pedro Catala @twelvebeauty, that hydrates, moisturizes, treats, soothes and repairs the skin! . Turn up the volume and watch the video to find out what that is! . Now, after watching the video, you might wonder. Wait! Is that a hydrating serum? A treatment serum? A lotion, a moisturizer? And you'd be quite right to wonder. Because this little gem of a formula can be all those things depending on skin and season. . Just like our skin's epidermis (aka outer layer) which is made of a hydrolipic layer (both hydro/water and lipids/fats), this light emulsion too contains both hydrating and lipidic components. Pedro deliberately designed it that way, so that it is similar to the skin's composition to ensure epidermis compatibility. . And so: . 🌿It can be used as a light moisturizer because it is packed with moisturizing agents, hydrating ingredients (including hyaluronic acid) that will hydrate, moisturize and preserve elasticity of the skin. It will also protect the skin as it contains antioxidants which scavenge free radicals. . 🌿It layers beautifully with an oil because of its light serum like nature (it can be layered with @munskincare's Aknari from the February Box and the combination is beyond wonderful). When layered over an oil it helps the oil absorb better (more nerdy details on that later). . 🌿And most importantly it is chock full of ingredients that help correct any damage in skin and skin tone caused by environmental factors like UV rays, or by exposure to harsh chemicals, as well as due to skin inflammation/acne. I love using it especially in the day to protect my skin. . 🌿 And HELLO glow! After using it consistently for two weeks, you will find that this is a marvelous glow booster that brightens your skin and makes it glow, without using any mica or minerals. Just purely because of the skin support the chosen ingredients provide. . . I cannot imagine a skin type that will not benefit from its goodness. 😍#plantmagic and #skincarescience

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Last day to Subscribe is March 25.

Spoiler #1

The London Mask (full size, $92)

The London Mask is both a hydrating and purifying mask, designed to combat the effects of sun damage and pollution. Made with highly moisturizing organic rice, purified kaolin and squalane, it is enriched with comfrey derivatives, cucumber and the purest vitamin B5. Each batch is hand blended for 3 days to achieve the smoothest texture with absolutely no grittiness. Perfect for even the most sensitive skins.

Last day to Subscribe is March 25.

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✨April Beauty Sneaky Sneak Peaks✨ . Turn up the volume for a peek into the oh so smooooooooth inclusion in the April Beauty Box. This is my own well loved, well-used, not exactly instagrammable jar and I have to admit I am kinda panicking, coz I'm almost OUT of this gorgeousness. As you can see I literally have to scrape the bottom to attempt to show you the luscious creamy texture of this product. And mayyybe I was just a leetle bit reluctant to scoop out more than was absolutely necessary (Because. MY Preeeciouuuus. As you can tell, I cannot wait to get my new jar!) . Not only is the texture unbelievably smooooth, it is designed to make your skin soooooo smooooth. You might also find yourself wondering, is this skincare or is this dessert? #donteatit #skinfood #heaveninajar . Any guesses? 😍

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