Bokksu March 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. The items are what you can’t easily find here across the pond, so trying them is a real treat and always a fun experience!

March’s theme is Glamorous Tokyo.

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Cafe Latte Stick. A light latte with a rich taste. This is exactly what you would find in a trendy Japanese cafe. It pairs perfectly with this month’s snacks! I love that it can be enjoyed both hot and cold, even better it tastes great either way.

Maple Butter Cookie. Buttery and full of maple flavor, this langues de chat cookie is filled with sweet vanilla creme and white chocolate that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This might be the best item I have ever received from Bokksu, it reminded me a lot of maple candy that you get in the east or Canada. I could eat my body weight in these cookies, I’d be sick first though.

Mini Fried Rice Crackers. These crackers are so odd, they are like eating rice cakes only with a sweet soy sauce flavor. It’s so cute too and actually very good, I could see popping them like a good chip.

Premium Almond Rusk. Twice baked and topped with sliced almonds this crunch baguette slice has fantastic flavors of almonds, maple, and class. I actually think I could find a recipe that would be this delightful, these almond rusks are perfect.

Tokyo Chocolate Tea. Covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate that melts away in your mouth, this flavorful biscuit is also infused with tea specially grown in Totoro Forest. This was hard for me to swallow. The chocolate layer was perfect but the tea infused cookie was just too much tea flavoring for me. I will not be eating the rest of these ones, perhaps I can put them in the treat jar at work.

Koala’s March Strawberry. A buttery biscuit filled with strawberry creme, what is there not to love. Oh don’t forget there is a Koala stamped on each biscuit adding to the cuteness of this snack. I might have to see if our local candy shop keeps these in stock.

Black Sesame Goma Senbei. Senbei, is a traditional Japanese rice cracker and normally the item I dislike the most. This one isn’t too bad, the black sesame adds a roasted flavor and complements the savoriness of the senbei. I do wish this was a little saltier but I I find crunchy snacks means salty.

Vegetable Potato Sticks. Crispy vegetable sticks are Japan’s favorite potato snack and they are my daughter’s favorite too! Crispy like chips yet long and skinny with a lot of flavor and little salt. I can’t say enough good things about these my daughter can’t wait to get her hands on more of them. My husband didn’t even get a try.

Horn Milk Chocolate. Meiji Chocolate sandwiched between two buttery biscuits. Not overly sweet but perfectly matched this would be wonderful with a cup of coffee or the included Cafe Latte Stick. The way Japanese cooks are able to add biscuits to every dish just amazes me, and no matter what they knock the competition out of the park.

Chocolate & Banana Cobbler. This more like a brownie than a traditional cobbler though it is a bit on the crumbly side. I like the light banana flavor and rich chocolate, I was delightfully surprised by this creation.

Apple Caramelized Cobbler. This is a heavenly snack. It’s much chewier and moist than the Chocolate & Banana Cobbler. I could absolutely eat these all day long with coffee…for breakfast, lunch and dessert.

Bokksu is a fun way to travel to Japan without leaving the comfort of my home. I love that there is  a lesson to go with my food so I feel I get a well rounded experience. I would recommend this box to all of my traveling foodie friends and family, in fact it will be delivered to my favorite jet setter for her birthday. I am always surprised by the great products they are able to fit into this small orange box. Also for as many products as I’ve received I haven’t gotten too many duplicates, that alone makes me smile. I can’t wait to see what next month brings to my door because the curators of this box are amazing!

What’s your favorite snack from this month’s box?

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