Bespoke Post SPEAKEASY Box Review & Coupon – February 2018

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Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription box offering sophisticated accessories, gear, and curated interest kits, although many of their offerings are unisex and would be equally appropriate for any woman with a rugged and adventurous side.

The monthly limited-edition boxes are built around a central, unique theme, and there are usually two or three new boxes to choose from every month. You can also skip the month if you’re not interested in any of the available boxes.

The theme for this box is SPEAKEASY.

Each box includes a card that announces the theme.

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The back of the intro card has a brief description about the items and explains why it is such an awesome choice for this curation.

Everything in the Bespoke Post SPEAKEASY Box. Some Bespoke boxes contain a collection of several small items. Most boxes have a larger item and a couple complementary smaller items.

Schott Zwiesel Bar Special Martini Glasses – Set Of 2 ($52.09) This set of crystal glasses is made of non-lead materials including titanium and zirconium oxide, making it resistant from breakage, chipping, and scratching.

The box includes 2 pieces of special martini glasses made in Germany.

These glasses are 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide, with a liquid capacity of 9 ounces. They’re dishwasher safe.

The glasses look elegant! The stems are just moderately tall, while the bowls are styled to create a soft round shape and slightly wider opening.

D&V Glass All Purpose Carafe  ($9.95) Useful for parties or when entertaining guests, this open-topped flask container allows you to decant the wine while it’s waiting to be enjoyed. The design is European inspired.

Round Chrome Serving Tray ($16.29) Another entertaining essential is this round tray you can use for serving meals and drinks.

The chrome tray is engraved with a beautiful floral design!

The chrome tray is 14 inches in diameter. I like its polished, classic look!

Mercer Culinary Offset Precision Plating Tongs ($10.76) This tong is made of tempered stainless steel and features an ultra fine tip. The design gives you more control over food placement, which makes plating more convenient.

These containers were fully covered with paper and bubble wrappers to ensure the safety of the items.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Vermouth Brined Olives ($21.99) These hearty California-grown olives are soaked in flavorful brine and they make an ideal companion to the classic cocktail.

It’s a pantry must-have for any martini lover! No need to even whisper vermouth at your drink!

Oenophilia Martini Atomizer ($7.66) But should you want to, a little spray of vermouth from this atomizer to the glass is all it takes to achieve a perfect martini taste!

The back of the carton provides an instruction manual on how to properly assemble and use this atomizer.

The atomizer included a case and a cup, a funnel, a glass vial, and a nozzle.

Here what the martini atomizer looks like when fully assembled. It’s simple and very handy! Plus now you’ll whisper vermouth with your little spritz.

The chrome tray is large enough to accommodate the rest of the items from the box!

This month’s Bespoke Post theme is quite classy! Everything is sophisticated yet handy for entertaining, and even for formal occasions. The addition of the martini atomizer just made the subscription even more valuable for me! The whole set is great for any martini lover plus most of the items are usable for other cocktail styles as well!

What did you think of the Bespoke Post SPEAKEASY box?

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