April 2018 Pearlesque Box Brand Spoiler + Coupon!

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We have the brand spoiler for the Pearlesque Box for April 2018! Pearlesque Box is a monthly subscription box that features skincare products from around the world that are all non-toxic and natural – with a new destination each month!

DEAL: Save $5 on your first month with PEARL5 and subscribe by the 5th at 4pm PT for this box!

APRIL Box features the much anticipated brand Graydon Skincare.

A note from the founder…..

How I began making products is very personal and comes from a time in my life filled with angst and despair. This is my story.

Riddled with eating disorders having spent some years living in Paris, my love for food and beauty came quite naturally. While pursuing work in packaged goods marketing as a young woman helped pay my bills and my part-time work as a pastry chef fed my unhealthy ‘indulge then starve’ food habit. I found myself in absolute burn out having fainted one day, and an ensuing trip to the hospital resulted in me being put in the mental health ward for a couple of weeks to get my health back.

Forced to consume of what I would call a diet of ‘fake food’ to put some pounds on me (think milkshakes from a tin, overcooked pork chops with reconstituted gravy and cherry pie filling served over jello with cool whip) I didn’t really receive much nourishment for my body or my state of mind BUT when I finally got let out I was determined never to be in lockdown again.

I was determined to get better and create a new me so I took my power suits to the consignment store. Cut my hair super short. Left my marketing gig. Signed up to do an intensive yoga program and started making my own skin concoctions in between having anxiety attacks and downward dogs.

I got heavily into the vegan, whole food world and my once unhealthy fascination with food became very health oriented. Foods like the humble avocado began replacing my cravings for sugar, alcohol and dairy. I started cooking for people on the side to help them heal too. It didn’t happen overnight, but combined with more therapy than anyone would ever want, I started to feel and look better too.

My yoga and mindful meditation practice helped me connect with my body and I found that I had an undiscovered gift for nurturing others. Recipe development came naturally which lent itself to making products like healing oils, ayurvedic creams for redness and calming mists for anxiety. Soon enough I had women knocking at my door to teach them about the sacred act of restorative yoga and self-care.

It was gratifying to see so many friends and clients embracing their health and well-being, changing their diet and lifestyle but generally speaking, they were all clinging to their big brand beauty products despite the fact that they knew they should be using products with cleaner, more nourishing ingredient lists.

Slowly but surely, this community of women who loved coming to my self-care yoga classes also started to ask to buy my skincare products for home use. I loved that they affectionately likened my creams to being comparable to a ‘salad for your skin’.

It took a few years to grow but I now have a 5 person team and my insurance agent is happy to that we no longer produce in my home kitchen but rather have partnered with a small batch lab.

Leveraging the power of superfoods, we bting a whole new level of efficacy and elegance to natural skincare; actively serving the needs of today’s ‘mindful’ beauty customer. Not your typical green beauty brand, our extraordinary ingredients and performance based formulas resonate with the growing trend of consumers making better lifestyle choices. I believe that our mindfully made, ‘conscious’ products impact not just the appearance of our skin, but our planet, health and wellbeing.

We make conscious, cult worthy, ‘ingredient driven’ products, offering luxurious face, body, hair care and lifestyle choices,that stand up against their mainstream peers. More than that, ‘Graydon’ is supported by an active community of engaged, inspired customers in the ever – evolving conscious and ‘mindful’ beauty and lifestyle movement.

You will receive 3 Full/Standard Size Products worth nearly $100 in retail value! All for just $39.95 USD!!

What do you think of the Pearlesque Box spoilers?


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