Amazon STEM Toy Club January 2018 Subscription Box Review – 5 to 7 Year Old Box

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Amazon STEM Toy Club is a monthly subscription box service that delivers an age-appropriate STEM toy that encourages any child to learn through play. The subscription costs $19.99 per per month, and the theme of the month can be anything from natural sciences to robotics. There’s always something new to discover in every box of Amazon STEM Toy Club!

There are three age ranges available for this box: 3-4 year old, 5-7 year old, and 8-13 year old. This is a review of the 5-7-year-old box.

This an Amazon subscription, so the toys arrive packed just like any other Amazon purchase. If you get multiple subscriptions, they will likely ship together.

Everything in our box! We ordered a subscription for two of the three available age ranges this month. No information card or other extras are shipped with the toy. This review will cover the 5-7 year old subscription.

In case you’re wondering what’s included in the other subscriptions, here’s what they have:

Botany Experiment Green House Science Kit ($39.99) This learning kit will help the kids know more about plants and seeds by conducting experiments in a specially designed botanical laboratory with greenhouse domes.

The box provided all the necessary materials! The kids are all excited to start putting (or I should say, PLANTING) them up!

The kit included an experimental manual. For an easier and maximized fun on this kit, you should read the instructions before use, follow them thoroughly, and keep them for reference.

The manual contains experiments for the kids and parents to enjoy alike. Our green thumbs are ready!

It also gives an inventory of items included, some safety info, and a general intro to the philosophy and specific content of the kit. Targeted toward young kids, this kit may very well be their first exposure to a science lab.

The guidebook has a total of 48 pages, and there are full-color illustrations. It teaches botany fundamentals with step-by-step instructions for the hands-on experiments as well as growing information for many common plants.

The experiments are well-thought of and helpful for the kids’ understanding regarding the given topic. The pages above, for example, are all about how plants live in various conditions.

This is the part that we are most excited about, growing herbs!

It is a fully loaded science kit that explores the inner workings of the plant world, from seed germination and root structure to photosynthesis and capillary action. It  sounds promising and fun!

Everything in the kit! There are seven plant pots, measuring cups, and paper sheet of cut-outs.

The kit also includes a greenhouse base and domes.

There are also soil pellets, cress, garden pea and zinnia seed packets, drinking straws, yarn, pipettes, thermometer, wooden stir sticks, plaster gypsum, and spatulas.

First up, my kids read the booklet thoroughly.

Then, they started putting soil and seeds on the plant pots.

They measured water with the help of the pipettes.

My daughter is the one doing all the work, while my son listens and looks at what she’s doing attentively.

Here, they started doing an experiment of how plants drink water by connecting and taping up the straws.

My son even tried if this thing can suck up water, and it works! We have had mixed results on our plant growing – some plants were overwatered, some were underwatered (this is all our fault) but the kids have been growing zinnia and harvesting cress and working their way through the loads of activities in the book.

Aspiring botanists will love getting their hands dirty in this unique biological science experiment kit. To get started, you can assemble the domed greenhouses, complete with thermometers and ventilation. You can also construct an automatic watering system to keep your plants from getting too thirsty. The kids loved everything about this kit! Overall, I think the activity is great not just for the kids but for anyone who wants to develop and improve their gardening skills as well. It was a nice choice for this month and we can’t wait to see more interesting STEM toy kits in future boxes!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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