The Witches Box Subscription Box – February 2018

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The Witches Box is a monthly subscription box for people who want to dive deep into a new aspect of Witchcraft each month. Spells, rituals, potions, and transformative magic are the focus of each box, through beautifully crafted tools and gorgeous Book of Shadow pages. The box is $65 a month, with free shipping.

When you open the box, you are welcomed to a lovely packaging. Be aware that all these dried petals can get messy if you are not careful!

Inside the box, you’ll get a greeting card with the theme and a list of the content of the box. For February, we are giving the tools to learn about Crystal Grid. I love stones and crystals, so this is right up my alley!

On the greeting card, there’s also explanation about the theme and that at the end of the day, you have to follow your inner guide.

This month, we have three new pages to add to our Book of Shadow. The first page is a nice image, and we also have a Crystal Grid Work to help us to understand what is a Crystal Grid and how to create one, and a Seed of Life card which explains the symbol of creation that is used in this month’s Crystal Grid. Each page are printed on one side on a thicker paper and contains a lot of information. They are very pretty and would fit nicely in anyone’s BoS. The blank side can be used to add your own ritual or observation on the Crystal Grid.

We also receive a crystal oracle card pulled just for the subscriber as a guide and a message.

Mine was the Chiastolite, (a type of andalusite that has a graphite line running through it in a cross pattern) and represents Passed Loved Ones and is associated with the Root Chakra. I like this card, it’s quite fitting with me.

Underneath the paper and the packing squiggles, I found six plastic bags. Each contains shards or pieces of stones and gemstones and are nicely identified on a sticker with their main spiritual properties.

Phantom Quartz (it takes its name due to the fact that when you look through it, you can see the shape of previous quartz crystals that were then encased in a bigger crystal). It’s a small and nice crystal that can stand upright on a table (or grid). It’s a stone for Renewal and to remove blockages. Quartz are an amazing stone to work with, as they play nice with every other stone out there! They are the Oprah of the Stone world “You are awesome, You are awesome, Every stone is awesome!!!!” Kinda. Don’t quote me on this.

Double Terminated Quartz. Fancy name to say “Quartz with two points.” I love how soft they are as they are not completely translucent. It’s a stone to Amplify and Clarify. I’m telling you, Quartz are the best stonefriend to have around. The only problem is that they will amplify whatever you are bringing to it. It doesn’t discern, so it’s better to use it while feeling calm and with good intentions.

Pink Tanzmurine Quartz. I don’t know if there’s a typo in the name, or if it’s a variation, but I know this stone under the name of Tanzurine. It’s quite a newcomer in the mineral world, and metaphysical, as it’s a quartz with a color variation that can be found in a single mine in Tanzania. The Witches Box says it’s a stone to Focused Intentions.

Green Tanzmurine Quartz. Same thing for the Pink one, it’s quite a new one in the mineral world and I’m not familiar with either of them. They have lovely colors and both could be used to work on the Heart Chakra (Pink and Green are colors associated with this Chakra). Based on the information provided in the box, it’s a stone for the Rhythm of Life.

Peridot. The pieces are tiiiiiiiny! They are used to Balance. It is also a stone associated with nature and the elven world.

Garnet. One of my favorite stone to work with as it’s an excellent stone for the Root Chakra. It’s a strong stone, with a lot of masculine energy, while being soothing and healing. The Witches Box says it’s a stone for Psychic Protection and for Relationship. Once again, the pieces are tiny, and I’m sure I lost one or two to the floor monster at some point while taking pictures.

There was also a bag with delicate Rose Buds.

They are small and so pretty! I like how even though they are dry, they are still vibrant! They are to be used for Beauty and Protection.

The main event of this box is the Grid itself, etched in a thick wooden plank. The design is the Seed of Life, which symbolism is explained in the BoS pages we received. It’s not to big or small, so it’s easy to work with it and to place it in the room without having to redo the whole house setup.

I played a bit with it, trying to follow the Grid Work from the Book Of Shadows, but finding some parts a bit complicated for me, like working from the center to the outside of the design. I’m more of a trial an error until it feels right kinda person.

So I came up with this design where I use the crystals in three different position. I wanted to replace the Pink Tanzmurine Quartz for Rose Quartz from my own collection, but I need to learn more about this darker type of quartz. I like the addition of the flower buds to bring softness to the grid.

I was quite excited to finally have a grid to work with and new stones to add to my collection, but I wish we would have had bigger pieces instead of shards. The box is so pretty, and I felt there was a lot of care put into it, in gathering stones that complement each other and in the lovely Book Of Shadow pages. It would be perfect for a Witch who wants to know more about different aspect of the Craft, but doesn’t know where to look. It’s a nice introduction. My only concern is that the price is quite steep for what we received, but subscribers may feel that much of the value is in the guidance from this subscription. Maybe adding a bigger obelisk quartz to put at the center of the grid, or some other talisman that we could use to give us even more ideas for this grid. Overall, I really enjoyed this box, I just wished there were more!

What did you think of this month’s The Witches Box?

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  • Virginia

    I am impressed with your knowledge of stones, Chakra, etc. The only thing I know is that The Book of Shadows was used in the TV series Charmed. Which I watched every episode three times.

    • Catherine

      I’ve been into this kind of thing for a very long time, so I’ve gathered a bit of knowledge! And Stones, Chakras, Tarot and shamanism have always been my main interest, so this box was easy for me to make it my own!
      And yes! I’ve seen the series multiple time too, such a fun show! I wish I could have such an amazing Book of Shadows!