Pier 1 Style Box Spring 2018 Review & Coupon

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The Pier 1 Style Box is a limited edition box from Pier 1. It’s not a subscription – yet! The box is available for $49 and is still available! Use code FREESHIP49 to get free shipping on orders over $49

On the cover of the box is the official hashtag to use when uploading photos on social media.

DEAL: Use code FREESHIP49 to get free shipping on orders over $49

There is a booklet showing all the items that comes in the box and suggestions on what can be done with the items from the box.

It even comes with a bonus 20% discount that can be used on regular priced items either at the store or on the website.

They presented the items in a very creative and fun way. I love how it’s fun and quirky but it in the simplest way.

All of the items are perfect for a Galentine’s ladies party. They’re all very chic and pretty!

Almost everything nowadays is shared in social media so they have shared a few posts from other subscribers to serve as inspiration.

The box is carefully packed to make sure that everything is perfect even after being shipped.

Everything in the box!

Love Clip Frame ($6.95) This metallic plated clip has the scripted word love. It’s very versatile and it has a vintage and elegant feel.

This measures 4″W x 0.50″D x 4.50″H.

It has a metal clip at the top that can be used to hold name cards at the dinner table or a favorite photo. This is a cute item and I’ll be displaying it!

It comes with several cards with fun statements that are perfect for any Galentine’s Day party. I thought they were cheesy, but props for not trying to assign a value to them…

Metal Cactus LED Glimmer Strings ($29.95) There are 12 lights in each 10 foot set and I was so excited to see these – I was just in Pier 1 the other day redeeming my Popsugar coupon and gazed longingly at them, but refused to spring for them for $30!

It comes with a sheet of paper with all the information needed for the lights.

These cacti are the cutest!

Each cactus light is topped with a different colored flower.

The lights use 3 AA batteries. I love that there is an automatic shutoff, and you can also pick up a $7.95 remote control that works with any of their lights. I feel a new obsession coming on!

Here’s what it looks like when the lights are off. I also like the shadows that form, they look like flowers!

Pink Champagne Candle ($10.95) Another perfect item that is not just for a girls party but also for some me time. It’s scent is reminiscent of the smell of pink grapefruit to help get everyone in the right mood.

The packaging is super pretty and the details are very intricate. This candle has a 36 hour burn time and the vessel is so pretty, I think it needs reused!

2 Copper Stemless Wine Glasses ($12.95 each – $25.90 total) Stemless glasses are the newest trend and these rose gold colored wine glasses is clear proof why. They are very elegant and pretty! They’re made of stainless steel with a metallic copper-colored finish. Handwash only, or you can use as a vase…

Faux Mini Rose and Succulent Bundle ($14.95)

This faux floral bundle comes all bundled neatly, but my husband totally failed on the photos. You can kind of see the bundle with this stock photo. The green wrapping was rather pretty and I prefer this look over what I ended up with.

Um, fail! I was really bummed that I had to undo the bundle to get the flowers in the vase. I finally figured out that the stems are bendable, but even then I wasn’t a big fan of the results:

It was tedious to do, my picture isn’t as nice as theirs, and now I have a bunch of bent up flowers without the cute little bundle.  In retrospect I wish I’d saved my bundle for a glass vase (and I think the card should have noted that the stems are bendy and that you need to cut off the decorative bundling in order to achieve the results). Or maybe they could have been achieved without cutting off the bundle and just bending them – but I didn’t know they were bendy until after I snipped it off. All together I’m bummed about the flowers – I feel like I ruined them because I didn’t get enough direction! (The stems are re-bendable but they don’t go back straight!) Clearly floral arrangement is not my forté.

I really enjoyed the box with the exception of my flower experience (I still liked the flowers!). I thought it was well curated and clearly reflected the modern southwest style of the season (have you noticed soft coral, green, and cactus everywhere?! I sure have!). The box value was about $89 plus the coupon, which I wasn’t excited about. I regularly receive 20% off coupons in my inbox. Imagine how much everyone would have freaked out over a 40% off one item coupon and been posting their scores all over social media!  Despite my bumbling idiocy with those blooms, I am really hoping this becomes a regular subscription – I think it would really up my home’s style! We can hope for monthly but realistically I’m thinking Pier 1 is eyeing a quarterly subscription.


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