Pet Treater Cat Pack February 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your cat every month with quality items like toys and treats. The Pet Treater Cat Pack is $12.99 a month.

There wasn’t really a product information card, but I did find a card with the monthly Pet Treater Pick of the Litter.

The back of the card gave instructions on how your cat could become next month’s super star.

I found a voucher for a discount at

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month! Use coupon code CATPACK50.

Everything in this box!

A feather fell out of the package and landed on the floor. This kept Sunny entertained for a while.

I couldn’t find this exact AvoGato Sticker but found several like it just by doing an online search. I love a good pun, and “gato” is the Spanish word for “cat”, if you were wondering.

Vital Essentials Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Rabbit Bites ($7.95) There’s only one ingredient in these freeze-dried pellets – rabbit. Or, as the bag says, “rabbit, rabbit liver, rabbit kidney, rabbit heart.”

Zoey’s not really a fan of treats and sniffed this pellet and then left.

Sunny is a big fan of treats but just smelled this pellet and left. We’ve received snacks from this brand before but my cats are just not fans.

Multipet Cat Toys Lattice Balls (around $5, find similar item here) These plastic balls are fully covered and have a little bell inside. My cats prefer toys they can pick up and throw around, and the lack of an opening made that hard to do. I have not observed them playing with them yet.

Cat Wine 2016 Purrgundy ($7.91) Wow, wine for cats, who invents this stuff? As you can see this is vintage 2016, a great year for Purrgundy as I recall. Just kidding, there’s no actual alcohol in here but my kid got a kick out of seeing this in the kitchen!

Basically this is water with salmon oil, catnip, and something natural to turn it pink.

Sunny sniffed it then moved away.

Here she is ignoring the drink.

I scooched it over closer and here she is actively trying to push the bowl off of the window ledge. She must be a teetotaler.

Zoey said no thanks but I think she’s a champagne kinda gal.

Multipet Tickle Your Fancy Cat Wand – SIMILAR ($7.38) Oohh, so pretty and feathery!

This cat teaser has bright pink feathers and colorful mylar strips and I heard a little bell tinkle in there somewhere.

Zoey was fascinated but never would bat at the wand.

Sunny was a blur and had fun with it.

If you like a no-frills bag of goodies for your cat, then check out Pet Treater! For the $12.99 subscription price, I received around $30 worth of items for my cats. I think they liked the feather wand the most, my cats have a thing for feathers and play with items that have feathers often. I am interested in seeing what shows up next month to find out if the snacks are items my cats will eat and if the toys are something they will play with regularly.

Are you getting this month’s Pet Treater Cat Pack? 


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