Lootaku January 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Lootaku is a monthly geek subscription box from Hong Kong packed with high-quality geek and gamer items. The subscription costs $49.00 per month + shipping (currently about $17 to the US), and you’ll get 4-6 themed products, like plushies, action figures, memorabilia, etc., to satisfy your geeky cravings monthly – no fillers or promo items!

I like how the outside of the box is designed like a chest!

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The theme this month is Glamorous Heroines.

The item information card, or Loot Table, is thick and glossy. It contains lots of details! When there are variations, it typically lists each possible variation you might receive.

All the goodies inside my January 2018 Lootaku Box!

Dragon Ball Z Bulma & Goku Cushion Cover. The cover features Goku and Bulma, the main characters of Dragon Ball Z season 1. This picture shows Bulma handling the CC capsule together with amazed young Goku. Seeing this picture feels so nostalgic!

This picture on the cushion cover shows the first meeting of Bulma and Goku. Bulma is asking about a Dragon Ball nearby, which in fact, is handled by Goku! Wow, I can’t believe I still remember this scene.

Akame Ga Kill Replica Sword One Cut Killer Murasame. This powerful sword features a high carbon steel blade, with an all metal high red gloss guard. The handle is painted red with white stripes and black writing.

At the back, there is the ferocious looking Kurome. She is the youngest member of the Jaegers and the younger sister of Akame. She is extremely skilled in the art of the sword and assassination. Her name means Black Eye.

It comes in four pieces: the base, stand, sheath, and this amazingly beautiful sword.

The sword’s scabbard is painted glossy red and it has a chain so you can hook either on your favorite bag or as a key chain.

This Murasame Teigu is made up of real steel but not that sharp (for safety purposes).

It really looks like the one in the anime!

Fate/Zero Mini Figures. This figure is based on Fate/Zero, the light novel written by Gen Urobuchi. The story depicts the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War, a battle royale where survival is hard.

With the promise of granting any wish, the omnipotent Holy Grail triggered three wars in the past, each too cruel and fierce to leave a victor. In spite of that, the wealthy Einzbern family is confident that the Fourth Holy Grail War will be different; namely, with a vessel of the Holy Grail now in their grasp. Solely for this reason, the much hated “Magus Killer” Kiritsugu Emiya is hired by the Einzberns, with marriage to their only daughter Irisviel as binding contract.

Kiritsugu now stands at the center of a cutthroat game of survival, facing off against six other participants, each armed with an ancient familiar, and fueled by unique desires and ideals. Accompanied by his own familiar, Saber, the notorious mercenary soon finds his greatest opponent in Kirei Kotomine, a priest who seeks salvation from the emptiness within himself in pursuit of Kiritsugu.

It’s a chibi version of Kiritsugu Emiya! Also known as The Notorious “Magus Killer,” he’s a freelancer who would hunt down heretical magi. Wait, is that stubble on his face?

The figure even included some weapons. And look at the spikes of his hair! So detailed!

Taito Fate/Apocrypha Saber Of Red. The second figure in this month’s box is based from Fate/Stay Night visual novel game.

She is Mordred, also known as Saber of Red and Knight of Treachery. She is an artificial life form — a kind of homunculus that was given birth by the evil designs of the witch Morgan, the elder sister and archenemy of King Arthur.

It comes in 3 detachable pieces: the base, sword, and Mordred!

Since she was a homunculus, Mordred’s growth speed was tremendously fast and she became a knight serving under King Arthur just a few years after being born.

Her hair is yellow, while her attire is mostly in red and black. What beautiful red boots!

She’s so adorable. But at the same time, in fight mode too!

Dragon Ball Z Banpresto Glitter & Glamorous Android 18. This is the first Glitter and Glamour figure from the hit anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Android 18 was once one of the most dangerous foes in the series. Now, she’s the wife of Krillin and mother Marron, fights on the side of right and shows how to lay down her own law in battle.

The figurine comes in 3 detachable pieces.

This beautiful, sexy, fearsome female Z fighter figure stands at an incredible 9.8 inches tall and is available in two color variations the teal and blue. I got the blue color!

If Android 18 stops to be a superhero, I think she will be a great model!

She is wearing her famous Red Ribbon corporation outfit, the same outfit she wore during her first stint in Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga.

As expected from Banpresto, it’s another well crafted figure that any collector would love to have.

Three figures plus other awesome geeky collectibles, what more can I ask for? I love that this month’s box finally gave the spotlight to some of our favorite heroines, and I hope there will be more of them to come so I can add some girl power to my collection!

What do you think about Lootaku?

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