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Little Passports World Edition is a monthly kids’ educational subscription box with fun activities about the different countries in the world. This box is designed for children 6-10. Your child will learn about the geography and culture of the world with a monthly delivery of around the world adventures.

A note with a short message from the co-founders of Little Passports is enclosed in the box. Details about the items in the box were also mentioned in this note.

DEAL: Save $15 on annual subscriptions! Use coupon code WELCOME15.

A guide is also included where you can find step-by-step instructions on how to maximize your subscription.

Here’s How It Works:

Inside your starter box is a little blue, green and white suitcase with the Little Passports logo.

Upon opening the mini suitcase, you’ll see the all the items you will be using for each adventure neatly packed. It also has a label on the flip of the cover where you can write your name to make sure it doesn’t get lost. You’ll store all your goodies from your monthly trips inside!

Everything inside the box!

Sofia & Sam Stickers & Boarding Pass They’ve introduced the characters, Sofia & Sam, using stickers that can be used to decorate the mini suitcase.

Since the activities from this subscription box are all about traveling around the world, each month will have a different boarding pass depending on the country that will be featured.

You can use the information on the passes to check the website for pictures and other fun stuff. All aboard!

Passport In this intro box, they’ve included a small booklet for the passport to make the experience more realistic. It looks similar to the real thing!

As you page through it, you’ll see some pages that are actually meant to be a bucket list. For example, you can list three countries that you would like to visit and in another page, you have tick boxes of the activities you’d like to do on those trips. My daughter checked them all!

You can even put a picture, name, and address so in case it gets lost, someone can return it, just like in real life passports!

A Letter From Sam & Sofia They’ve made a fun way to explain how Sam and Sofia started their adventure and how you can start yours.

It explains what each item in the box is for and also what to expect from the coming boxes.

A Postcard is always part of every traveler’s life. Some actually use them while some keep them as mementos. In line with the theme, you get a postcard with three photos of places from different parts of the world: Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), The Taj Mahal (India) and The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy).

On the back of the postcard is a brief description and history of each tourist destination featured in the front. It’s important for adventurers to have at least some information on tourist spots.

Every box includes a new postcard and fun fact from the destination!

Activity Book Each month there’s an activity book included that’s focused on the destination country. It has fun activities that will allow you to learn more about the different countries in the world.

Some quizzes about Sam and Sofia’s awesome adventure for some brain action.

The activity book also teaches different landmarks through this fun maze.

There are also colorful pages that are full of illustrations. One page, in particular, has an illustration of different continents which are color-coded for easy reference and just at the sides you’ll see which animal you can find in each continent. The page on the right shows different kinds of food found in different countries around the globe.

There’s also a world map to get the children acquainted with different countries at an early age! The map is up to date including South Sudan.

Here’s my daughter in actions as she answers the activities in the activity book.

The first month of Little Passports is intended to introduce your child to their new around the world adventure, which can last up to two years (there are 23 destinations plus the introductory kit). In subsequent months instead of a suitcase, kids receive a souvenir from their destination. The activities are fun and, well, portable! They are perfect no-screen activities for the car, restaurant, and other waiting around things, as well as a unit that you can delve deeply into.

Next month Sam & Sofia are headed to Brazil!

This subscription also has an add-on option. From your account, you’ll be able to order a selected add-on for some themes. For the Little Passports World Edition Intro Box package, you can order the World Coin Collection kit.

What do you think of Little Passports World Edition?

Visit Little Passports to subscribe or find out more!


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