January 2018 Yummy Bazaar Subscription Box Review – Mini Box

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Yummy Bazaar is a destination food club subscription box. For the awesomely low price of $9.95 a month, you can get the Yummy Bazaar Mini (World Sampler Monthly Gourmet Club). Each destination box will take you on a food tour of 2-3 countries with 6-8 delicious, sample size products.

The Mini usually has items from around the globe. The flap of the box has a printed logo of the yummy bazaar with the tag line: Explore the world one bite at a time.

This month’s info card! Included in the box is an info card that echoes a postcard design.

According to the card, this box will include items from Spain, Italy, Germany, and more! You’ll find a short greeting printed on it with the same postcard themed photo in the background.

The product description pages include a brief description of each item, along with a list of ingredients, several suggested uses, the retail price, and the origin.

Yummy Bazaar also offers a full-size gourmet foodstuff box that concentrates on a specific country each month. Check it out here.

The box with many treats! In the box you’ll find these treats representing different countries around the globe.

Nescafe 3 In 1 Instant Coffee – Poland. Nescafe is a popular coffee brand, but this classic packet is from Poland. It already has creamer and sugar with the coffee. It comes in an easy to open packaging which will be ready in seconds upon mixing it with warm water. I’m sure my husband will like this – I’m just not a coffee fan!

Confectionery Prestige Chocolate Covered Cranberry & Apricot Jellies – Ukraine. These are cranberry jelly and apricot jelly locked in a dark chocolate coating. It’s a great snack for people who like fruity flavors. Each treat comes in an easy-open pack and is good for snacking especially when you are on the go.

I liked the balance between the fruity and chocolate flavors, they complement each other. The jelly is super dense and I couldn’t help inhaling both these candies – chocolate + jelly/gummy candy is my absolute fave!

Sperlari Mini Soft Torrone Nougat With Almonds – Italy. There are two pieces of this candy in the box. They come in typical candy packaging with a green and gold plastic wrapper.

Upon opening, you’ll find another wrapper which is a foil paper. Inside is a candy made of soft torrone (nougat) with almonds. It has a nutty and chewy consistency. This is some of the best torrone I’ve eaten, and it had a light lemony accent!

Sal De Ibiza Potato Chips – Spain. This bag of chips contain thin slices of Agria potatoes flavored with salt and vinegar.

I can’t help but admire the aromatic, golden-colored variety. The brand claims that these chips are gently simmered by hand in pure sunflower oil right until they reach the perfect point of crunchiness, then refined with a pinch of Sal de Ibiza’s exceptionally mild Fleur de Sel (French sea salt). You get now why I’m raving about this product. Who doesn’t like potato chips, anyway?

Milk Erdbeer Strawberry With Feeling Riegel – Germany. This strawberry and cream combination is made yummier by a chocolaty twist!

It may look like a typical chocolate bar but once you take a bite, you’ll taste a union of three mouthwatering flavors. It is made with alpine milk chocolate filled with finely stirred milk cream with strawberries. Yum!

Mama Instant Fried Rice – Thailand. We also received this exact item from the November 2017 box. It’s instant fried rice in a pouch and it’s made with jasmine rice and fish meat.

The resealable packaging is quite convenient and it only takes 7 minutes to cook this in boiling water. It is also packed with flavor, but the strong smell is not something everyone would enjoy.

Yummy Bazaar subscription box is a great way to learn about different flavors from different parts of the world. Except for the repeat item, it’s such a great catch for $10 because you not only get to fill your tummy with yummy food but also learn about different countries. If you like experimenting with new tastes then this one is definitely worth a try!

Have you tried Yümmy Bazaar? What did you think of this month’s box?

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