Cairn January 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Cairn is a monthly subscription box for those who love spending time in the outdoors. Each month, you can expect to receive 3-6 cool products that will help you enjoy your time in the outdoors even more. Subscriptions cost $29.99 each month, but the cost goes down with longer subscriptions. Shipping is free for US subscribers and $5 to Canada. Cairn promises that the total retail value of the items in each box will exceed $50, with a mix of gear, apparel, food, skin care, and emergency tools. If you complete the subscriber profile, the box will be curated to best match your outdoor lifestyle. As such, most months will see a variation of boxes, while there may be some months when everyone will get the same thing.

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Every month, you receive a newsletter with some information and discount codes to the products included in this month’s collection.

We get full information about the items included in the box.

Every month, two lucky subscribers get a little something special in their box. All you need to do is to be an active subscriber to the monthly box, nothing else!

Coal Headwear – The Standard Se Merino. This cute and comfortable beanie comes with a patch in the front where you can slip the Air Headlamp that you received in the October collection.

Seen here with the headlamp removed from the headband it came with.

It was really easy to put it there and even though the headlamp seems heavy like this, once you were the beanie, it’s still comfortable and stays in place. This was a great idea as headlamp are quite useful even in the middle of the winter. I will probably keep it in the car as I have to travel often at night.

Defunkify Active Spray. It’s a spray made with peppermint and rosemary oil as well as ionic silver to deodorize the funky smell from shoes, pads, helmets and other gear that you can’t launder. The addition of the rosemary tones down the sweet peppermint. It’s a great scent. I’ll keep it around for my winter working boots!

All Good Sunstick 30 SPF. I love sunsticks! I find them easy to apply everywhere and I don’t get my hands coated with sticky sunscreen. This is made with Zinc Oxyde, organic jojoba, coconut and avocado oils. This is a good addition to a winter box as the sun over here gets crazy with the reflection on the snow!

Huppybar – Apple Cinnamon Raisin. A yummy snack full of apples, raisins and cinnamon, with almond, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cashews, gluten free oats and other delicious ingredients, this was a satisfying bar!

Somehow, even though the value was still there, this box was a bit of a let down for me. I felt like something was missing. I’m still happy with everything I received, like the defunkify for the winter boots and the beanie, but it didn’t feel like a collection of items that works together. I’m glad that they added the beanie that works well with a previous item (the air headlamp). I’m looking forward to see how this box will tie in with the incoming ones!

What did you think of this month’s Cairn box?

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