Bombay & Cedar Subscription Box Review + Coupon – February 2018

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Bombay & Cedar is a monthly luxury aromatherapy, beauty, wellness and lifestyle subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty-free full and deluxe size products. Items range from essential oils, diffusers, skincare, books, activities, healthy snacks and other surprises for the discerning woman who values her health, wellness & living a life inspired.

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The Bombay & Cedar box has such a pretty presentation!

The info card features a love-themed artwork.

There’s an information card that lists the contents of this month’s box, with a short description and retail price. The theme is CHERISH.

Each box comes with a small magazine issue which includes information on the featured essential oils, why to choose the products included, and more.

Be present in the moment.

This month’s featured brands are Province Apothecary and Feel Skincare.

I learned a lot just by going through this magazine!

They also included a coupon code which you can use at Kaibae’s online shop.

Everything inside this month’s box!

Ello Devon Glass Tumbler ($9.17) This is a 20 oz re-usable glass tumbler with a reusable straw. It’s designed for cold beverages. I love it!

The lid is wooden, featuring the brand logo. Underneath is a silicone stopper to avoid spills. The tumbler itself is made of extra thick glass which is dishwasher-friendly. There’s also a matching silicone sleeve for easy grip. It’s so cheery and bright and I’m addicted to straws and tumblers and this one went straight into rotation!

Kaibae Baobab Fruit Powder ($13) Made with baobab fruit, this powder is high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and many other nutrients. It boosts immunity, sustains energy, supports healthy digestion, and nourishes the skin. The best thing is that you can add it to anything, including water, juice, tea, yogurt, smoothies, breakfast cereal, and even pancakes!

On the opposite side of the container is the standard nutrition facts table. It has a high fiber content so you feel full and won’t have an urge to eat a lot. This is the perfect pairing for the tumbler – DIY smoothie time!

Feel Renewed Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser ($28) The key ingredient of this facial cleanser is pumpkin, which supplies the skin with different vitamins and minerals. It also contains walnut, which provides gentle exfoliation. The pumpkin formula promotes micropeeling to reveal a renewed layer of the skin and give it a fresh glow.

I couldn’t help but think this is the grown up, natural version of St. Ives apricot scrub. Even though the ingredients are totally different it just seemed similar. Pumpkin enzymes are really effective for me and I feel brighter already!

Spa Room Mini Scentifier Diffuser ($8.49) I squealed when I found this in the box. This diffuser is small and portable, so you can bring it anywhere you go.

This tear-shaped device has a USB plug-in functionality. The LED lights change color once plugged in and also included are three micro-absorbing fragrance pads.

A small bottle of essential orange oil comes with the diffuser for free. This scent is fresh and clean.

It’s a certified natural product.

All you have to do is to connect the USB cable to the device and plug it in!

The micro-absorbing pads are in a bottom compartment which can be detached. Here, you can see the separate components and the fan that supplies air.

The essential oils from Bombay & Cedar arrived in this jute sack drawstring pouch featuring their logo.

Bombay & Cedar Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil ($14) Cedarwood is known for its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It can be used to prevent infections and relieve inflammations. Aside from the skin benefits, it also promotes good organ function and improves digestion.

Bombay & Cedar Eucalyptus Lemon Pure Essential Oil ($14) The lemon scent helps make any room smell fresh and clean. Meanwhile, eucalyptus is great as a stimulant and it’s also good for the respiratory system. Another good use for this oil is as an insect repellant.

There are information cards listing the benefits of each essential oil as well as precautions and other scents they blend well with. I’m not really sure yet how I might use the EOs not in a diffuser and having a recipe might be useful.

Province Apothecary Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment ($26) Packed with turmeric and calendula extracts, this serum was made especially for oily and acne-prone skin. The formula naturally heals the skin, reducing scarring and inflammation as it controls the production of sebum. This is the perfect natural healing serum for spots – calendula works wonders!

According to the product card, the serum can be used for both your day and night skin care routines. You can place a drop on the inflamed area and wait for 2-5 minutes for it to absorb.

Here is a nice printed paper envelope with a sticker seal. I like the details on this one!

Copper Tongue Scraper – SIMILAR ($3.99) Inside the envelope is a copper tongue scraper. It came in a plastic wrap and a white insert with blue polka dots.

As the name suggests, this is made of copper. It is washable and re-usable. I was delighted to get this – no more using my teeth to scrape my tongue (gross confession time, I do!).

Compendium Love Who You Are ($8.45)

A screen-printed cover and bright Wibalin binding enclose charming illustrations and messages of encouragement. Begin by loving yourself. Love the tomorrows you’re heading into. Love that you will end up doing more than you can imagine. A perfect gift for preteens, teens, and wonderful women of all ages.

The materials used in this book are environmentally-friendly, which includes recycled cardboard paper.

The pages are screen printed so it has a vintage feel to it.

Usually, one page has a quote and the other side is filled with illustrations.

The messages in this book aim to encourage you to love yourself a little bit more by acknowledging and appreciating the different facets of your personality. I love this – it’s also perfect to share with a loved one!

Alter Eco Dark Almond Organic Chocolate ($3.99) They have included a yummy treat in this month’s box! It’s a chocolate bar made of organic cocoa from Ecuador, roasted almonds from Spain, and a touch of vanilla bean from Madagascar. It’s a gluten-free, soy free, and non-GMO product.

The back of the packaging lists the nutrition facts and ingredients. The inside of the box has more information about the cacao farmers.

The bar can be easily snapped into smaller serving sizes.

Here you can see that there’s a generous serving of the almonds blended in the chocolate bar. It was insanely good. As in we may have eaten this bar in less than a day good.

Bombay & Cedar is a great way of discovering products which are not just good for your mind and body, but for the environment as well. It’s basically a showcase of vegan and cruelty-free products for every aspect of your life. I always have my favorites from this subscription, and this month it’s the organic chocolate and the essential oils diffuser but I thought the whole curation was fantastic!

What was your favorite in this month’s Bombay & Cedar box?

Visit Bombay & Cedar to subscribe or find out more!


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