Supernatural Box Winter 2017 Review

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Join Sam, Dean, and Castiel with the only officially licensed Supernatural Box! Each premium box will deliver over $100 worth of collectibles, apparel, accessories, and more directly to your door – only $49.99 per quarter!

This box is priced at $49.99 per quarter, a bit less on an annual subscription. Our box was individually numbered out of a run of 3000.

The box itself looks amazing!

Join the Winchester brothers and feel like one of the family with this amazing assortment of premium collectibles, apparel and artifacts from Supernatural, delivered four times a year, right to your doorstep. You won’t get these exclusive items anywhere else, not even in a  deal with a Crossroads Demon.

I feel compelled to picture the info card graphic glowing and bursting forth with ambient noise like the title screen.

It includes a list of all the items with photos.

Everything inside the Winter 2017 box!

Men Of Letters Sweatshirt. This pullover features the symbol of Men of Letters, a group of “preceptors, observers, beholders, and chroniclers” of mysteries not easily explainable or known to men. Now I can look like a legacy!

On the bottom of the sweatshirt is a Supernatural tag, for those that need a nudge to recognize the theme.

The sleeves and the bottom part of the sweatshirt is black while the rest is gray.

Will they accept me as a member of the group if I wear this? Regardless, it will be so comfy to wear for winter! The choice of a MOL design is a great choice for a patterned wearable. It is one thing to wear a graphic tee with a Supernatural motif, because folks are likely to realize it is fanwear. It is quite another to wear a patterned shirt that is completely covered with pentagrams — the lack of context might lead to some misinterpretations of loyalties. This piece strikes the right note with fans without triggering soccer moms.

Pie Slice Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers. Dean loves himself some pie, and so do I!

I wish they sent us real pies, but these pie-inspired salt and pepper shakers are awesome too! The pack has a slice each of cherry and blueberry, two diner classics.

They are made of ceramic, so handle carefully. The tops are cut with holes for use with salt and pepper.

There’s also a big Supernatural logo on the back of each slice.

Enochian Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener. This looks exactly like the brass knuckles in the series, just tinier.

They are sized to fit in your hand, but the holes are too small to fit any but the tiniest of fingers through, so they can’t really be used for wailing on some angels.
They are big enough, however, to use the device to pop open a tasty bottled beverage. Because the knuckles are thin compared to the ones on the series, the sigils are carved into the sides instead of the striking surface. They are inset and painted a bright red, showing that their power has been activated.

Any further on and they would not be coming off. Ever.

Men Of Letters Embossed Journal. Whether you’re a legacy or a simple hunter, journalling is part of the family business.

The cover, which is made with faux leather. It also has a button closure that looks like a wrap around strap. The front features a large engraved MOL sigil.

The journal pages are lined and made with high-quality paper.

Supernatural Wooden Coaster Set. We received four of these stunning wood coasters featuring notable symbols from the series.

On the upper left is the symbol of Men of Letters, and on the upper right is an angel-banishing symbol. The bottom left is the Devil’s Trap, which is often used by the Winchesters against demons. Lastly, there’s the anti-possession symbol (I’m thinking this one may show up as a temporary tattoo at some point).

Men Of Letters Key Replica. Kept inside a small wooden box with an Aquarian Star symbol, this key allows access to the headquarters of the Men of Letters.

Of course, the replica key bears the symbol of the Men of Letters too. The back of the key has a pin, so it can be worn, as well.

I like the vintage look!

This key has made appearances in Season 8 and 11, and it’s indeed a collector’s item.

EMF Planter. The Winchester boys are always breaking out the EMF meter to detect the presence of ghosts. It is one of the most important pieces of hunter equipment, and it was the inspiration for this planter!

The design of the planter captures the details of the tool really well!

It’s such a unique planter and I’m sure it will catch everyone’s attention. It is sized perfectly for small herbs, or it can be used to hold tiny trinkets.

Rowena’s Doll Plushie. This one-eyed plushie looks a little creepy! In the series, it is owned by Rowena MacLeod. Though we aren’t sure exactly to whom it is bound, it appears twice in the series.

The voodoo doll is blond-haired, with stitches on some parts of its body.

Supernatural Mini Poster. Last but not the least is a mini-poster featuring the main protagonists, Sam and Dean Winchester! It arrived protected in a plastic sleeve.

The brothers look cool on this poster and I’m sure any fan would love to have this framed and displayed.

Supernatural Box is indeed otherworldly! It’s the first box from the subscription and I’m already impressed because the items are all high-quality. Aside from the usual collectibles, they even included a wearable and a bunch of other useful items like the bottle opener and the coasters. It’s such a good deal for $49.99 per quarter!

What do you think of the Supernatural Box?

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