Stickii Club January 2018 Subscription Box Review – Cute Pack!

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Stickii Club is a monthly sticker subscription. This subscription is $10 dollars a month, and you get an envelope full of sticker sheets, sticker flakes, and sometimes an extra stationary item, like washi tape samples or custom-shaped paperclips. The envelope is bright and fun, it’s hard not to get overly excited when this arrives.

January theme is Bunny Burrow.

There are 3 choices for this subscription – cute, retro, or pop (or all 3!). We got the cute package and it is just that, adorable and cute. It’s also super kid-friendly and I love that!

All the stickers! They promise 5 or more sticker sheets, and there are usually more than promised! Way more!

Along with the new year, Stickii Club introduced Stickiistorage, a new way the stickers come every month!

Stickiistorage is a single plastic sleeve with 3 compartments and 6 ring holes at the side.

Each month, there’s a plastic ring that comes with the sleeve. The color of the ring depends on the style you choose for your subscription. I received the pink ring for ours.

I really like this new addition to the subscription box! It’s a great way to keep the stickers organized.

On to the stickers! We received a bunch of individually-cut stickers of bunny silhouettes with different colors and patterns.

Bigger individual stickers! There’s a pink square sticker featuring a bunny chair, and a cute grey bunny holding on to balloons. I also received a pink paper clip in the shape of a bunny’s head.

Bunny overload! There are two sheets of emoji style stickers, one has words in English while the other has words in Korean.

It’s not just all about bunnies for this month, the pack also included stickers of food! On the left, you have pictures of food and some of them are with bunnies while the sticker sheet on the right are adorable vegetables with faces.

The last set of set of stickers are the cutest pink bunnies ever! The pink bunny furniture stickers are a collaboration between Stickii Club and Jenni Illustration for this month’s theme.

It’s always a fun time going through Stickii Club packages. The stickers are really cute and each month is an awesome addition to our growing collection. Let’s also not forget the Stickiistorage! It’s a nice way to store the stickers and keep them organized. All in all, I must say it’s a pretty awesome deal for $10! 🐇

Let us know what you think of this month’s Stickii box!

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