Scentbird Subscription Review & Coupon – December 2017

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Scentbird is a monthly perfume and fragrance decanting subscription. With Scentbird, you get a thirty-day supply of perfume every month – Scentbird takes authentic perfumes and decants them into travel sprayers. There are over 450 fragrances to choose from and Scentbird adds new ones every month! You can save when you purchase a multi-month subscription, or even arrange to receive perfume every other month. 

When you join you fill out a profile – including three of your favorite designer perfumes – then you make a wish list of perfumes you’d like to try. You’ll get a new sprayer every month, plus your first month includes a case to hold whatever perfume you’re currently using! You can add extra cases to an existing subscription for $12.95. Members now receive a $15 credit each month against the purchase of a full-size bottle (note that this credit expires each month).

Scentbird has made a few changes. You can try up to 3 fragrances a month, in case you really need to build up your supply, or maybe you prefer one for day, another for evening, and another for your significant other. They also offer other options, such as a perfume, hand cream, and shower gel combo. Yep, Scentbird now offers an in-house line of body care items!

My scent was protected in a white cardboard tube that kept it safe on its journey.

Scentbird’s Perfume Editors pick a new scent every month to feature. December’s was Euphoria Calvin Klein; January’s is Cannabis by Malin + Goetz:

Bright bursts of bergamot and black pepper opens this defiant scent. Cannabis blends floral magnolia with herbal notes of cedar, patchouli and sandalwood. This THC-free fragrance is smoky and earthy. No lingering side effect.

This scent has notes that I like, such as patchouli and bergamot, so I’ve added it to my queue!

You can see all the previous Perfumes of the Month at the bottom of the Scent of the Month page. Note that if your wish list is empty you’ll get the scent of the month. You can now get on demand scents, but if you’re a subscriber it’s less expensive to get a new one each month and there’s something to be said about giving yourself time to enjoy your new fragrance for a while.

Your first month will include a little perfume vial case and velvet holder. Scentbird decants the perfume from the manufacturer’s bottle to a little glass vial that fits in the sprayer. The perfumes are 100% authentic and you’ll receive a .27 oz sprayer. A card comes with the vial demonstrating its use. You just twist it to spray!New subscribers receive a sleek black case but other colors are available for an additional cost.

This month I chose L’Imperatrice by Dolce & Gabbana. I was introduced to this scent by a cast member at Sephora and instantly fell in love with this fruity fragrance. It is classified as a floral aquatic and I have always had a hard time pinning down its notes. It smells red and juicy and sweet, but not sickly so. It changes a bit but always come back to the base notes, which linger for a lot longer than most of my perfumes. I have heard it referred to as having a grapefruit scent, maybe it has a touch of citrus to it. It is unique and I love it but didn’t want to spend $79 on a full bottle since it would take me years to use it up.

Scentbird recently made changes to its fragrance guide and I’m not sure why it says “Cartier” on top but every scent I clicked on had it listed – I guess there are still bugs to work out. I love the quick access to similar scents – I can click and get a list of fragrances with a rhubarb note (which I can’t find in this fragrance) or more fruity scents. You can get even more details on the different vectors of the scent by mousing over each of the main areas. According to this chart this is a fruity scent, followed by floral and then citrus. According to Scentbird users, this fragrance is flirty, perfect for everyday wear, suitable for spring, fresh, and easy-going. The value this month was around $6.32. I know that is low, but I love this scent and will use every drop so it’s a big win for me!

I love L’Imperatrice and although it wasn’t new to me it is my all-time favorite and I am so happy to have a convenient portable bottle of this scent. I love being able to update my queue and I have another one of my favorites coming in a couple of months, but I think I will go with the scent-of-the month for January. If you like to try a different scent every month (or in my case, every day) then head on over to Scentbird and start filling up that queue!

What’s in your Scentbird queue? Do you change your scent according to the season? Let me know what you’re wearing this winter in the comments!

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