Adults & Crafts December 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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The Adults & Crafts Subscription Box delivers the tools, materials, and instructions you need to get your creative juices flowing. For $33 a month, you can have inspiration delivered to your door. Sign up for six months or a full year and the monthly price drops. December’s box centered around embossing.

Everything in the box!

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Included in the box is an information sheet that talked through the box’s contents, as well as the step by step guide on getting the craft done.

The sheet is two sided as they take you through each step individually.

The water color set was a basic set you can probably pick up at your local Big Lots. It came with 8 different colors.

Two embossing powders were included in the kit, black and gold. It looks a bit like glitter, but turns out it reacts very differently when heat is applied. More on this later…

A mandala inspired rubber stamp was also included to help with the card designs.

Thick paper was provided to serve as the canvas to your artwork. It’s plain and you can cut to your liking depending on what size, shape and design you want for your card.

The brush that came with the set is not the typical hair bristle but it actually helps spread the watercolor with each stroke.

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I did a card with a pink heart.

The colors are easy to blend if you want to create a different shade or a different color altogether.

Once you are happy with your watercolor painting, you can draw a design with the embossing pen. Make sure that the paint is fully dried before doing so. After drawing in the design, you can now add the embossing powder.

The powder only sticks to where you drew using the pen. Be careful with the next step because it’s hot!

This is how it looks like after heat was applied. It melts the powder and makes the desing pop out.

I tried it again on a different design. The most important step is when the heat is applied to the embossing powder. It actually makes it shiny and glossy.

Don’t worry about any excess powder, just put it back in the jar and use it again next time.

It is amazing how the embossing can transform something plain into something special…

Look how that extra gold lining brings the artwork together. I like how the gold emphasizes and adds a new dimension to the heart.

Here are the three greeting cards I made! They come complete with a set of envelopes to pop into the mail.

This is an awesome project where you can let your imagination and creative skills soar! Overall, I am pleased with everything I received, as well as the results and I am looking forward to sharing my unique artwork through the mail. If you’re someone who enjoys arts and crafts, this is a great box to gift yourself!

Did you enjoy this month’s project? Let us know in the comments.

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