TopMunch October 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – India

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TopMunch promises to take you on a trip around the world with their snack box. Each month features snacks and treats from somewhere in the world. Every month contains a complete experience of a different culture every month with a complete travel and cultural guide.

There’s a note about India, a splash about the culture, a playlist to help magnify the tasting experience and top phrases. The top phrases is by far my favorite part of the pamphlet, it really satisfies my learning needs. This is just the tip of the enclosed pamphlet.

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The reverse has detailed travel information, details on the five included snacks and information about the referral program. I don’t think there is a detail TopMunch has left out and that makes for a wonderful experience.

Chikki Sesame Brittle. This is one of the most popular sweet treats in all of South Asia. It was chewy and crunchy all at the same time. The flavor took me a few bites to get into but over all it was pretty good. The rest of the family was not impressed but that’s part of the fun of this subscription box.

Haldirams Soan Papdi. This is a favorite dessert in India, for me it was a flaky mess. Keep in mind this is supposed to be flaky and sweet, but for me the texture was strange and I couldn’t get my tastebuds on board. I think it’s from the very different ingredients that include chickpeas, ghee and cardamom.

Haldirams Khatta Meetha. Khatta Meetha means sweet and sour in Hindu and that describes this snack perfectly. It’s a sweet and sour mixture of puffed rice, dried noodles, toasted lentils and peanuts. By far this was the best treat out of the bunch, meeting both my sweet and salty snacking needs, don’t forget it’s crunchy too!

Parle Hid n Seek. Parle Products were founded in 1929 in Mumbai. These cookies are India’s version of chocolate chip cookies. Personally I like my cookies soft and chewy but the flavors in this are awesome. I was pretty happy to eat the entire package with milk, not sure that’s how Indians enjoy them but I was full and happy.

Hadirams Southern Delight- Chakoli. This is the Indian equivalent to pretzels and they are fried and not baked… pure deliciousness. I can see why these are so popular for festivals and religious occasions. I wonder how they would taste with dip.

Deep Jerra Khakhara. These are crisp wheat rounds flavored with cumin. The fact they are low calorie and low cholesterol make them a very popular snack or breakfast item. I dislike cumin and couldn’t eat more than a bite. I wonder if they would be good with scrambled eggs and potatoes to help mask the cumin. There is also a packet inside with popular spices, but I didn’t like that either.

October’s TopMunch was great! This box was one of my least favorites due to the spices used in the Indian culture, however, like always I enjoy getting to taste the foods and gather knowledge of a new culture. TopMunch brings so much more than just food to my door, it’s a true travel experience without leaving home. I also like that I am forced out of my normal food box and challenged to find new favorites. I can’t wait to see what November brings.

What did you think of TopMunch‘s theme this month?

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"TopMunch is more than just snacks! With the “Experience Box”, you can not only taste the flavors of different hard-to-find traditional food & snacks, but can also be exposed to the local music whilst plotting your route through different countries using our travelogue and using our language guide to help converse with the local people. With our experience subscription box, every month you will not only receive snacks but shall also receive a music collection to listen to (TopMusic), a travelogue to map with (TopTravel) and a language guide to pick up local phrases (TopPhrase). And the best part – you will get to visit a new country each month and be able to immerse yourself in its culture in its entirety."

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