Sensory TheraPLAY Box January 2018 Full Spoilers + Coupon

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Sensory TheraPLAY has released full spoilers for the January box!

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Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD eWriter- When you draw on the Boogie Board, the image stays for as long as you need it to and quickly erases by pressing the top button. Great to use during schoolwork/ homework as “scratch paper” or for practicing handwriting, spelling, math, etc. Use it to draw fun pictures or for freeform doodling which can be very calming and relaxing. Lightweight and easy to bring with you when you’re on the go and perfect to use during car rides. The built in magnets allow for easy mounting to compatible surfaces (such as on your refrigerator!) $29.99 Value
Spiky Tactile Glove-This glove is wonderful for providing deep pressure to the joints of the hands and for tactile stimulation. Also, great for strengthening the small muscles of the hand by stretching it on and off the hand. Perfect for children who crave tactile sensory stimulation as they can run their fingers over the soft spikes. In addition, children who experience tactile defensiveness or who have sensory aversions may be more motivated to play and interact with this glove because it’s a fun, silly toy. $10 Value
Octopus Squish-i-Mal- This octopus toy makes for a great hand fidget! It’s soft and pliable with a pleasant texture and the beads inside make it fun to squeeze and squish. This octopus can be used as a calm-down tool or just for plain fun. $6 Value
Rubbabu Ball- This sensory ball has a textured, tactile surface with a soft fuzzy feel to it which is soothing to touch. The calming tactile input it provides makes it great to use as a hand fidget or stress ball. Kids can rub against their skin for sensory stimulation and is perfect to use during homework or seated tasks in order to help improve ability to focus or maintain attention. This ball can also be used simply as a fun toy because it bounces nicely on floors and carpets. This Rubbabu ball is made from natural rubber foam with an easy to clean, child safe nylon surface. Rubbabu toys are made from ingredients which are extremely safe for children. For additional information, please visit $8.00 Value
Scrub Bugs- Inspired by the tools surgeons use to wash up, this children’s hand scrubber gets little hands cleaner than washing with soap and water alone. The sponge and bristle combination is the perfect size for kids’ hands and it has a playful design that makes hand-washing more fun while helping soap get into the grooves and contours on skin and under nails for more effective cleaning. This item is beneficial from a sensory standpoint because the soft bristles of the brush makes for a fun way to provide tactile sensory input and stimulation to the hands during hand washing. $9.95 Value
A closer look at the eWriter & Scrub Bugs below!

More about this box:

  • Boxes always ship out the 1st week of each month
  • Engage your child in fun sensory play
  • 5-8 sensory toys/ items in each box
  • Online cancellation & option to skip months to control how frequently boxes are received
  • Want to receive just one (1) box? Be sure to click the “this is a gift” box at checkout!
  • Order by the end of the month to get this box!

What do you think of the spoiler for next month’s Sensory TheraPLAY Box? 


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