Sanrio Small Gift Crate Winter 2017 Subscription Box Review

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Sanrio Small Gift Crate is a kawaii subscription box from Loot Crate featuring the cutest and the most likeable Sanrio characters. The subscription costs $34.95 per quarter, and you’ll get a mystery box filled with super cute items. If you grew up collecting Hello Kitty, Bad Badtz Maru, My Melody, or have more recently fallen in love with newer characters like Gudetama, then you’ll definitely love this subscription!

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Here are Sanrio’s most popular characters side to side.

This box is so cute when you open it up I love the Sanrio characters just staring up at you. There was an extra goodie on top, too!

The theme for the Winter box is SWEET DREAMS!

Float away into dreamland with items featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, Chococat, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi and Pochacco that are sure to inspire SWEET DREAMS!

This poster with the sleeping Sanrio characters is adorable!

This cute information sheet provides item descriptions, as well as more information from Sanrio.

Everything in the Winter 2017 Box!

Gudetama Doodad Trinket. This Gudetama is such a cutie! Aside from Gudetama, subscribers can also get a Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin or a Cinnamoroll designed trinket. Ever since the last box my husband fell in love with Gudetama, and he was so excited to see this!

Little Twin Stars Keychain Enamel Charm. This month’s charm features Little Twin Stars!

Kiki and Lala best represents the theme “Sweet Dreams,” so it’s only suited that they’re this season’s ambassadors! Such a dreamy pair!

Sweet Dreams Shirt. We almost squealed when we saw this season’s shirt design! Kawaii-ness at it’s finest!

Aren’t they adorable? It features the characters dozing off on clouds: Pochacco, Kero Keroppi, My Melody, Hello Kitty, Chococat and the Little Twin Stars, Lala and Kiki.

Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask. This is really a necessity especially when you are having a hard time sleeping with the lights on.

It’s a reversible sleep mask, and both sides are really cute! This purple side look perfects with the fleece throw that also comes in this box!

This side is perfect with the shirt. Now this makes me really want to go under the covers and off to slumberland.

Sanrio Nesting Doll/Matryoshka set. A Matryoshka doll is a is a set of dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another.

It’s a Loot Crate exclusive item and comes in a cute character box.

A set of matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure which separates, top from bottom, to reveal a smaller figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. Ours started off with Hello Kitty!

Stars and rainbows and colors really come together sweetly!

Here are the rest of the dolls, My Melody, Pochacco, Keroppi and lastly, Chococat!

Stacked or on their own, this set is really a great desk top decoration!

I’m loving the combination of colors on each doll!

Here’s Chococat sneaking out from the rest of the other doll’s bottom half! My daughter was also in love with this set!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Fleece Throw. This fleece throw is really warm and comfy!

It also has a dreamy design, truly sleep inducing just by looking at it.

This starry and dreamy throw has Hello Kitty, My Melody, the Little Twin Stars, Pochacco, Keroppi and Chococat as designs.

I love this throw, it’s really cute and I use this one when I plop down on the couch to keep myself comfortably warm. A warm beverage and a good movie or TV show are all that’s missing for a relaxing night, before I totally call it a day.

This box is just so lovely! Looking at the contents of this crate made me feel comfy and relaxed. We love all the cute and sweetly designed items especially the tee, throw, and sleep mask! The stacking doll is adorable too, plus the usual items that we get in every season’s box. It’s really a great deal for Sanrio lovers!

What did you think of the Winter 2017 Sanrio Small Gift Crate?

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  • Tricia Sutton

    I really think they knocked it out of the park with this box. Don’t get me wrong I’m more of a pair of sleep pants or sweatpants kind of sleep wear but as cute as the Tee was I think it would of been neat if they would of made it a nightgown lol. I’ve wanted a set of nesting dolls. That’s what I’ve always called them and this would of been perfect for me. I haven’t subscribed to this particular LootCrate box in a while and I think I would of bought this one but I didn’t read your email until today and I’m one day shy of being able to get it. Oh well. Ya can’t get everything. No matter how much I try lol. Thank you so much for sharing. I still love the Hello Subscription website and I hope you have a great weekend.