Loot Crate Stranger Things Limited Edition Crate Review

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The Loot Crate Limited Edition Stranger Things Crate was a limited edition box from Loot Crate featuring exclusive Stranger Things collectibles, apparel & more. This one-time box from Loot Crate is now SOLD OUT and cost $59.99 + s&h.

Don’t be a mouth breather. Celebrate the release of Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix with a limited edition mystery crate featuring exclusive Stranger Things apparel, collectibles and more! We promise it’ll be great (and friends don’t lie).

And here’s an info sheet on the contents of the box!

And we have the limited edition crate that features the Netflix favorite series, Stranger Things!

Everything in the box!

Season 2 Will’s Shadow Monster Drawing Included is a replica of Will’s drawing, and that is the Shadow Monster that is awaiting…

Stranger Things 80’s Concert Button Set A great addition to any backpack, lapel or just collecting pins for fun.

A safety pin is used for this button pin to easily fasten or attach it wherever you want.

This four button set consists of the series’ logo, Hopper, the AV club boys and the newcomer, Max. It adds a “stranger” feeling to stuff and I love the 80’s vibe these pins are giving.

SuperEmo Plush Upside Down Barb The doll says “super emo” but it’s still adorable and cuddly!

The doll is Barb, or Barbara Holland, Nancy Wheeler’s best friend, and the one who mysteriously vanished and eventually revealed that she was pulled to the Upside Down and killed by the Demogorgon.

Eleven & Hopper Sock Set The socks are fun! And I love the 80’s feel these are giving me.

Hopper’s pair has coffee contemplation written around the toe area and also, the color resembles coffee.

While Eleven’s pair resembles waffles! They have some Eggo-licious appetizing color to it, yellow and some reds on the toe, heels and some part on the legs.

Stranger Things Trading Cards Wax Pack The cards features scenes from the 1st and 2nd season of the series!

Would you open the curiosity door?

And here are some familiar scenes from the series in card and sticker forms. This reminded me of cards that I used to buy that feature scenes from shows that I used to love and watch – and totally straight out of the 80s!

And there are also puzzle cards to complete.

Here’s a look at the finished puzzle. Can you make out the Shadow Monster on those reddish clouds?

Eleven & The Boys Punk Raglan Shirt This concert-style raglan shirt surely rocks! The design gives a retro Goonies-style feel.

This art is by Butcher Billy that features the characters Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will. Loving the combination of black and gray on this shirt.

The back features the logo in a light pinkish hue.

Creation Crib Eleven & Mike Figure The figure in this curation features Eleven and Mike riding a bike!

Brian Baity is the one responsible for this figure’s look.

The figures has really impressive detailing that you can easily tell who these characters are and what scene it is from (especially if you’re a die-hard fan!).

Even on the other side, the details and colors are great and on point.

It captures the scene where Eleven and Mike stare down a government van barreling towards them in season one!

SuperEmoScenes Eleven VS Demogorgon Variant Another cool collectible figure for this month – and it’s numbered!

J Salvador is the one who gave life to this wonderful scene from season 1.

The figure comes in 3 detachable parts: Eleven, the wall with the Demigorgon, and the base.

Here’s the first season finale scene, a climactic battle between Eleven and the monster.

It has superb detailing, the artist has his own great and unique style for his works.

And here’s Eleven in all her power, trying to beat the Demogorgon from the Upside Down.

It’s a really hard task for Eleven, as her nose bleeds (as seen on the figure’s face). Everytime she does a task that requires lots of effort, her nose drips blood and she feels really drained.

And this creates a stir among the fans, are Eleven and the Demogorgon related? Is it a product of Eleven’s troubled mind?

As you probably already know, this is a variant of an item that already appeared in a Loot Crate. 

Hawkin’s Middle School Journal Writing stranger things that happen everyday is possible with a journal included in the box! Whoops, we didn’t take off the band, but there’s a demogorgon hiding behind it.

It’s a gridded notebook that comes with 3 tickets that can serve as a marker.

They also included a code for 10% off on crates (as always use code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION10 to save 10% on any plan!).

I’m not a fan of the Loot Crate signature edition of figures – so this box was a miss for me, especially when combined with the extreme lateness of the delivery! It was originally promised to arrive to time with the Season premiere (right before Halloween) and ended up being delivered in December. My favorite item was definitely the shirt. I would say that extreme fans would love the box, but if you were just sort of a yeah I watch the show sort of Stranger Things follower, this box would be a pass.

Did you get a Limited Edition Stranger Things Crate? Do you agree?


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