KidArtLit November 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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KidArtLit brings art and literature together through a monthly subscription box. The subscription costs $46.99 per month, and each box includes an art project, a picture book, a Ready-Set-Go Pack, and a mini-magazine. The boxes are designed to help your family deeply connect through art and reading.

The box and packaging itself are very pretty.

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Everything in my box! Because the kit is meant to encourage parent and child to craft together, they send supplies sufficient to make two of each craft.

Each KidArtLit box comes with an instructional magazine.

It serves as a guide to the activity, but it takes a very zen-like approach and is very process oriented. The box is as much about being in the proper frame of mind to create as it is about actually creating, and a lot of instructional space is devoted to practice and mental preparation.

A list of everything in the box. An introductory note reflects on the book selection, and the craft is selected to fit in with the theme and setting of the book.

Every box has an easy, smaller craft and a larger, more complex one. The instructions for the smaller craft flow straight from the introductory materials, and they are easy to miss if your are skimming through.

The main craft is creating an Autumn Leaf Garland. The instructions for this craft are explicitly numbered. They offer several tips and tricks following the instructions — it definitely pays to read all the way through before starting.

One Thousand Trees By Kyle Hughes-Odgers ($14.99)

Deep in the heart of the city, Frankie dreams of a thousand trees … over them, under them, through them, above them. Award-winning artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers takes readers on a journey of imagination and discovery, exploring the art of nature and the nature of art.

This is such a visually entertaining book. It begins in a somewhat dreary city, dominated by drab buildings. A flight of imagination, however, soon transports us among the trees.

The book teaches us about reconnecting with nature, while learning about conservation and sustainability. It’s a good book for the kids, it gives them an idea how important it is to take care of our natural resources.

The book is really kid-friendly as it is easy to read and understand.

Each page is really beautiful, with lovely watercolors and impactful designs.

Here are some of the supplies for the smaller, “Ready-Set-Go” pack project.

And here is everything needed for the main project.

Our leaf garland is made of a cinnamon scented salt dough. We started by mixing the cinnamon into our flour and salt pack.

Then we added some water and mixed it all up. In the tips section, we were advised to start with 2 oz of water, adding more if needed. Our dough was plenty wet with the 2 oz, and we actually ended up adding a bit of flour from home to make it less sticky.

We rolled it out with the included rolling tube. The instructions had a great tip we hadn’t seen before — prior to cutting out our leaf shapes, we pressed a piece of lace into the dough to create a cool pattern! We then stamped out the cookies and poked a hole in each one with a straw.

We baked the cookies to speed up the drying — another great tip from the booklet! Then all that was left to do was string the finished leaves onto the cording. This set of crafts was a lot of fun, and it went perfectly with the theme of the book. I loved the idea of adding cinnamon to the dough and creating patterns on the leaves with lace. They smelled so good!

KidArtLit is really a fun subscription as the projects are always fun to do and the book has always something to leave with the readers, plus they are all family-friendly too. We also love the fact that the book is related to the project, and the kids always have fun reading, and then proceeding with the project. I also like that they have an involved project and a second, Ready-Set-Go Project that can be done right away.  It is manageable even with just their little hands and requires minimal supervision. The materials are all safe and the finished products are gorgeous. It’s the perfect bonding activity for everyone.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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