Indie Book Connect Subscription Box Review + Coupon – November 2017

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Indie Book Connect is a subscription box for the reader who walks into Barnes and Noble and feels like they have read it all. It will introduce you to a wonderful world of independent authors and all of the books that you have been missing out on. Every month, you can expect to receive two new fiction books from two separate authors. All of the books come autographed and the box also includes a unique bookmark from an indie artist.

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Summer’s End Regan Stone Series Book One ($11.99)

Falling in love was never part of the plan!

Sixteen-year-old Regan Stone wants nothing more than to escape her gossipy hometown and study marine science.  Every choice she makes is deliberate, from her dual credit classes to the out-of-state university she’s selected.  She has a plan.

When Lane, her best-friend-since-forever, admits his feelings for her, Regan’s careful plans begin to unravel.  Lane’s admission unleashes her own hidden feelings.  Now that they’ve surfaced, she’s not sure she can ever let him go.  Lane may just be everything she never knew she wanted.  But how can Regan choose between following her dreams and taking a chance at love?

If you’re a fan of coming-of-age rollercoaster romances, pick up Summer’s End today!

I love a good coming of age story or movie and if it brings me through a range of emotions even better. I can’t wait to see how the events of Regan’s life will shape her into the person she is meant to be. I’d also like to let it be known that I am a believer in men and women cannot just be friends at the teenage level.

A reminder to leave a review as a way of thanking the author!

A book mark featuring the second book in the Regan Stone collections… way to keep me on my toes with anticipation.

The Wraith and the Wielder by A.C. Schafer ($9.99)

Centuries ago, a fierce conflict known as the Dark Mountains War led to the prohibition of magic in De’eregal and the surrounding kingdoms of Izzat and Ureyana.

The penalty for transgression is death… but the tides are about to change.

In Izzat, having grown up in the shadow of the gallows, Merrith Gyse is keenly aware of the fate of wielders. He struggles just to put enough food on the table to keep himself and his twin brothers from starvation, but when a man from his past threatens to compromise his brothers’ safety, Merrith is forced to steal an important—and magical—relic from a traveling noble woman in order to buy the man’s silence…

In a village nestled within the Dark Mountains, the wraiths—creatures of shadow and innate magic—labor under the enslavement of a mercenary army led by a powerful sorcerer. Injured and exhausted in a skirmish, Da-jeck takes his only chance to escape. With his family still trapped, he sets out in search of someone to help him overthrow his cruel master…

Powerful sorcerers now fight to change the rule of power throughout the world, to enslave every mind under the banner of magic.

Who will stand in their way, but the wraith and the wielder?

I am not a big fan of sci-fi but this has peaked my interest. I also have to say that I find it odd that the main character is named Merrith and is a boy but what do I know about made up lands. I always have a soft spot for characters who are trying to do the right thing and/or are trying to save their family. Needless to say, I will be cracking the binding on this book just to see what happens to the family.

A bookmark that makes you think while holding your place and looking beautiful. Bookmarks are great and Indie Book Connect never skimps on giving me bookmarks each month. This is so much better than creasing pages to mark my place.

It’s so exciting to find new authors and to have books signed by them is even more exciting. I love that there is no unnecessary packaging and that the focus is on the books. I am pretty excited to get the first book in two series. I also have to say that I love that I got one book totally in my genres while the other pushes me out of my normal comfort zone. Another great month brought to me by Indie Book Connect.

What do you think of this month’s book collection?

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