The Gentleman’s Box Review & Coupon – December 2017

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The Gentleman’s Box is a monthly men’s subscription box providing the required essentials for the savvy man. Boxes contain specially-selected items that range from accessories to grooming. When you subscribe, you also receive a year-long subscription to GQ magazine, which is delivered separately through the mail.

Each box also includes a copy of The Gentleman’s Post, a well-designed booklet describing the products in the box and offering styling suggestions for each one.

The exact contents remain mystery, tucked neatly beneath white butcher paper.

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The Gentlemen’s Post walks through through everything in the box, and more. There is a handy table of contents that gives a quick list of the contents and the total retail value. The last several issues have introduced new members to the Gentleman’s Box team.

Each month is dedicated to someone who has had a significant influence on culture or fashion. This month’s collection is to our favorite Eccentric Inventor. Looking at the styling of the booklet, however, I totally get a Sherlock Holmes vibe.

They always give you an inspiration page showing all the items in the box and how to wear them.

I like the layout of the product guide. A page is dedicated to each item — they include the usual picture and blurb, but they also include a handy section denoting the level of attire (e.g. formal, business, biz-cas, casual) for which the item is appropriate, as well as colors that best complement it. The how-to-wear-it aspects of the Post go a long way in making all the accessories useful to any subscriber.

Some item descriptions include coupon codes for follow-on orders from the manufacturer, like this one from Gentlemen of The North.

They categorize items and features into Look Good, Feel Good, and Be Good sections, highlighting fashion, health and grooming, and charitable endeavors, respectively.

This month’s Post had some Holiday suggestions, including a list of party games and a great pot-luck dish.

The Be Good section highlighted the work of Toys for Tots, a charitable org that is very busy this time of year.

As the Deal of the Month, they introduced the Editor’s Box, a greatest hits compilation (or year-end clearance, depending on your perspective) for $5 less than the regular box.

They pack a lot of stuff into a little box!

Everything in my December box!

Gentlemen Of The North Scarf ($35) Made from wool and cotton, this exclusive navy plaid scarf is a stylish and comfortable accessory for the cold months. It is also relatively short, so it can be worn simply draped around your neck as a sharp complement to a dress coat.

It will look great with a casual button down shirt! It is very thin, so can be worn comfortably as part of an ensemble without feeling overbundled.

The fringes make the scarf perfect for a relaxed look. Whether I wear it once around or over hand, I think it’s gonna be awesome.

Allen Young Tie ($29) A neutral colored tie like this is a must-have for any man.

Those brown polka dots make the accessory more laidback and interesting. The brown and black/gray combo is on trend this year — it makes the piece very easy to match with either family of palettes, and is has an inherently professorial feel.

It’s stylish and versatile, but still appropriate for formal occasions. The material used is high-quality too.

Ozone Design Socks ($18) This pair of brown and gray striped socks is great whether for casual or formal attire.

It is made of 76% cotton, 23% nylon, and 1% spandex, for a soft feel and comfy fit.

These high socks have a snug fit. I like that they don’t slip down, and I hope they stay that way even after they’ve been washed several times.

I like the neutral color combination too. Hooray for socks that keep the feet warm in the winter without sacrificing style!

Soletie Smoking Pipe Tie Bar ($15) Tie bars are great but sometimes overlooked accessories. I’m glad to see it in the box, especially with that classic pipe design.

It comes in silver and black, and I think it will look fit for my wardrobe. Though a pipe may not be the go to gentleman’s accessory that it was in past eras, this bar is a nod to a time of sophistication and worldly elegance.

Ace Of Spades Accessories Earbuds ($65) I could use a new pair of in-ear headphones, so this pair came at the right time.

It also works as a microphone, and it comes with multi-function supporting buttons, so you can use it with your smartphone.

They are designed similar to classic Apple earbuds, but they have some nice gold accents on the buds and stems.

Also included in the box is an info card…

…with a coupon code on the other side good for half off of a Carved accessory for one of your EDC items.

Gentleman’s Box has always been a reliable source of men’s accessories. The items are all high-quality and well-coordinated. I also appreciate that they send style inspirations and other useful styling tips with each box. Boxes are usually dedicated to a particular honoree, but they don’t necessarily speak to that person’s personal style or attire. This is a wonderful subscription for anyone who wears a tie regularly, as every box gives you a fresh look, complete with matching accents and accessories to make the outfit.

Have you tried Gentleman’s Box?

Visit The Gentleman’s Box to subscribe or find out more!


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