The Desert Box November 2017 Subscription Box Review

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The Desert Box is a subscription that aims to bring your desert dreams to your doorstep. Monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly plans are available, and you can also purchase a one-time box. All their products are made from recycled goods, from packaging to planters. Each box usually includes a surprise succulent and/or a cactus, repurposed planter, soil, moss, plant care card, and a pouch of white granite pebbles.

You can get your subscription in “The Uno” (one plant per month) or “The Dos.” This is a review of The Uno! The label isn’t just there to look nice — it’s also a friendly warning to handle the contents gently, because it might be a prickly cactus!

This card gives you a little background about The Desert Box. The opposite side of the card gives you tips on how to take care of your succulents and cacti. Usually, a little fortune cookie insert sized label bears the name of the plant variety, allowing you to figure out whether to treat it as a cactus or other succulent. I didn’t see a tag this month, but I’m sure it is a cactus, and it looks like a young Golden Barrel at that. Care is very similar as that for any other succulent, but cacti are much more receptive to direct sunlight.

Everything was packed well. The plant actually makes a very good base for paper sculpture!

This month, we received a lovely Golden Barrel cactus. It’s young, so it has staggered tubercles and hasn’t yet formed vertical ridges.

The Golden Barrel will grow well in full to partial sunny location and standard cactus mix. You only water them when the soil is dry.

The planters they send to the plant are made from re-purposed materials. I think the dark and weathered wood looks very nice with the succulent — the base is also very wide and sturdy, making it less likely to be accidentally knocked over (I’ve destroyed at least one narrow-based planter with a wayward elbow).

The box also comes with these decorative white pebbles.

The plant is ready for display once you carefully arranged these decorative pebbles on it. If regularly moved to larger containers, this should actually grow into a spherical globe — and it could end up larger than a basketball!

Keeping plants indoors not only adds greenery to your home, but it enhances your quality of life.

I was a little skeptical of the identify of this cactus at first, because the seedling version takes awhile to acquire the features of the more mature plant, and this cactus is actually rare and endangered in the wild.

Tip on taking care of this cactus: Allow it to dry between the waterings. The minimum temperature is also 5°C. Do not let it sit too long with water! It’s container should have adequate drainage, if not, add a layer of gravel at the bottom to reduce the wicking action of the soil. If you prefer the rustic look of the moss that comes on top of the planter, you can always stuff your decorative stones at into the bottom of the planter for drainage.

The Desert Box provides low-maintenance and easy to grow plants, which are ideal not just for succulent lovers but also for busy people. These plants, aside from being great addition to any home, can also be great housewarming presents. A great way to bring nature indoors! Can’t wait for this one to bloom!

Do you love succulents as much as we do?

Visit The Desert Box to subscribe or find out more!


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