Brick Loot November 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box filled with LEGO-compatible items, bricks, and brick building accessories for LEGO fans. Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

This month was appropriately themed SWEET BRICKS!

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Tons of stuff this month. The card gives a little info on everything in the box. Usually, it includes info about the different aftermarket companies that design the included brick accessories, but this month was a little different. Instead, the focus was on the designer of the custom build and Sweet Pete, the candy mogul turned mini-fig this month!

Brick Loot Sticker: The sticker had a pic of a cotton candy cart and Sweet Pete mini-figure from the box. It’s a large sticker, and you could certainly make a very cool sticker mural if you save one from every Brick Loot.

Exclusive Art Print by Greg Hyland: Every Brick Loot comes with an exclusive art print – they come bagged for safekeeping.

The artprint features an ice cream man chased by… Zombies! I guess they all love ice cream as it won’t give them “brain freeze”.

Sweet Pete Mini Figure 100% Custom Lego Mini Figure. And here is the LEGO version of the ultimate candy lover, Pete Behringer, or, as he is morer popularly known, “Sweet Pete!”

And here he is, the owner of Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop, wearing his trademark white coat with a patch that says “Sweet Pete’s” and wearing red pants.

Even his cool hair’s totally captured by this LEGO version!

It also includes a discount card from Sweet Pete’s. Upon seeing this, my son immediately insisted that we order some real candy from Pete. With a deal like this, it’s hard to say no.

There’s also a coupon for the Brick Journal. It’s a great way to see awesome builds every month.

Candy Tray. And who says that building bricks can’t be made edible?

This Brick-shaped candy tray lets you make your own edible bricks. It’s made of silicone so the candies can be easily removed when they set. You can use chocolates, Jello or even ice!

Instructions are included on how to make your own gummy building blocks — and it’s a Sweet Pete’s exclusive recipe! The kids can build and eat at the same time… I guess I need to make plenty of these yummy and sweet blocks!

Our bricks turned out awesome! There aren’t any holes in the bottom, so they don’t actually snap together — but they stack well!

The recipe made a lot more than would fit in the mold, so we put the extra in a silicon pan. I asked my son what we should carve in it, and he responded, “the Statue of Liberty!” Where does he come up with this stuff?

We didn’t have any citric acid at the moment (we used to keep some to counteract the hard-water build-up in our old dishwasher), so we used Jello in place of the citric acid, flavoring, and food coloring. It worked great!

Candy Shop Tile Pack 100% Custom Lego Parts. These teeny-tiny parts are so adorable!

These really makes building a little sweets store fun! Look at those yummy doughnuts! there are also three candy bars two of which bear a striking similarity to Twix and Oreo wrappers. They were kind enough to anchor the tiny pieces to a 2×6 slab so they didn’t get lost in transit.

Cotton Candy Cart Exclusive 100% Lego Build Designed By Chris Maddison  And when we talk about sweets, who doesn’t love cotton candy? This 62 pc. cart is the real deal.

The instruction sheet is really helpful and easy to comprehend. The set includes stickers to add on as the finishing touch!

Both my boys loved this kit, though my youngest called it a balloon cart!

A fun, simple build — and perfect for the theme.

My son is able to do the builds himself with out any help, but I usually we have to check afterward to make sure everything is pressed together well.

Mini City Candy Shop. Of course, a mini candy shop is also included! It’s loosely based on Sweet Pete’s own shop.

There are, of course, instructions for this kit, too. The instructions were great — they even added a special notation to the pieces that were clear, so they could be easily distinguished.

It had a few different options to use as stickers for the sign.

It captures the look of Sweet Pete’s shop pretty well.

If you had the presence of mind to protect your prior builds from little brothers, the the tube hanging out of the side lets the shop interconnect with the Starbucks and other builds from the Mini City collection.

The kids are always excited about Brick Loot especially my son (our little builder) who loves the manageable builds and mini-figs. It has a good mix of mini-builds, mini-figures and accessories. However, this month doesn’t come with any electronics, just sweet treats! The kids are ecstatic about making their own brick gummies too! This is really the perfect subscription for any Lego/AFOL enthusiast!

What do you think about Brick Loot?

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