Breo Box Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Winter 2017

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Breo Box is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box for both men and women. Each handcrafted customized wooden box will contain between 6 and 9 high-quality products revolving around health & fitness, and everyday lifestyle essentials. Each box is curated around the season. The box is $139 each quarter, with free shipping in the US ($45 to Canada).

DEAL: Get $15 off your first box! Use coupon code HS15.

The wooden crate is delivered in a cardboard box by FEDEX. The cover slides to reveal all the items. This month’s box was huge compared to the previous standard size! This box will be reuse as storage under the bed.

At the bottom of the wooden crate, I found this little card. They are the maker of the box and for every product made through WoodChuck, a tree is planted. There’s a code at the back to see where your tree is planted. Mine is in Villamatsa, Madagascar, in collaboration with Eden Reforestation. This is such a neat little detail!

The information card is so pretty, a nice sleek black card.

The card gives us the value of each item in the box. I saw some spoilers for this box and I was really excited to get it!

Misfit Phase Hybrid Watch. In a previous box, we received a Misfit Ray, a simple and stylish tracker that I wear all the time, even in the shower, but I thought it was time to upgrade it to something a bit more informative. This watch comes in at the right time!

I like the slick and all black design. Replacing the battery is super easy, thanks to the handy tool, but it is said to last up to 6 months. The band is a rubbery one, easy to put on the watch.

It was really easy to set it up with the misfit app that was already on my phone (to track the information from my misfit ray). It is water resistant, so you can take your shower with it. You can do a lot of things with this watch. Check the time (duh!), track steps, distance and calories, set up text, messages and email alerts, control smartphone devices, etc. It’s so much more than a step tracker!

Sadly, this thing is HUGE on my wrist! But then, my husband saw it, loved it, and claimed it. I’ll stick to my ray for a little longer!

Weight Gurus WiFi Smart Scale by Greater Goods. THIS is the item I was looking the most forward to! I’ve never owned a scale before (except a kitchen scale), and the last time I checked my weight was at the doctor’s office.

It is slick and easy to use. Step on it and you see in big numbers your weight. The scale is quite thin, not heavy, but can be slippery when wet.

You can set up different profiles so when you weight yourself, the info is sent to your phone. No need to take a note, just step on your scale and it will be sent to your favorite apps (google fit, my fitness pal, fitbit, etc) You can set up up to 8 users, or you can ignore it and just weight yourself. I find that hilarious that we received this scale just before Christmas. Let’s see how much food I can eat in the next two weeks!

W&P Design Pop Art 500-Piece Puzzle. We are big fans of puzzle in the house, and Christmas always brings a new puzzle that we try to solve in one night, so this one comes in handy!

This is not my favorite image, but it’s a puzzle. And puzzles are fun!

Corkcicle Decapitator. First of all, I love the name! This is a bottle cap opener. Just put it on top of the bottle, press it down and the cap is off. But this is what I consider a gadget more than something really useful. I always carry a wine bottle opener in my purse, the one that can also open a bottle cap. It’s fun, but not something I will use.

Tooletries Toothbrush/Razor Organizer + Shower Mirror Bundle. This is an other gadget, but quite useful for us! The mirror is waterproof, anti-fog and shatterproof. Perfect for when my husband wants to shave in the shower and not miss a spot! The Razor organizer will keep his razor and blades away from puddle to keep them longer.

The backing is a smooth silicon, a bit sticky. There’s a plastic cover that you remove before sticking the whole thing on your wall.

It has draining hole to keep everything dry between uses.

iGlove Touchscreen 5-tip Gloves. I was at first skeptical, but they really works while keeping your finger nice and warm! Quite useful when you need to check your bus schedule on your phone in the middle of winter. They are slightly to small for my hands, but they fit perfectly my husband’s.

December’s box was my favorite Breo box so far! I love love love the scale (I never thought I would be excited to get a scale honestly), and my husband likes his hybrid smart watch. The gloves are awesome for this time of year, and the puzzle is perfect for a night in with friends by the fire. I’m happy to see that this box is gender neutral with items that will please everyone and that we got some health related items. This was a great box with nice items, good quality, and everything fit the season eprfectly.

If you want this specific box, you can still order it until February 15th. What did you think of Breo Box?

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