Bokksu December 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bokksu is a premium snack box that features authentic Japanese snacks, as well as a tea pairing to go with it. The items are what you can’t easily find here across the pond, so trying them is a real treat and always a fun experience!

December’s theme is Modern Kyoto. This month’s snacks have been harmonized traditional flavors with a modern twist.

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Sencha & Matcha Blend Tea. Kagoshime Seicha takes pride in their tea blends, carefully selecting quality ingredients. This matcha and sencha blend produces a wonderfully earthy and soothing cup of tea, with a fuller, comforting body. There is a correction sheet included so that we know what to except from this tea. I have not found a match tea that I like but am dying to drink this out of my adorable neko (cat) cup that was given to subscribers as a expression of gratitude.

Saku Saky Kakoa. A delicious balance of dark and light chocolate. The cookie is light and crunchy while the cream filling melts in your mouth. This might be the best item that Bokksu has ever sent me.

Koto Matcha Milk Rusk. Beautifully decorated matcha swirl rust with mild flavors of milk and matcha green tea. I love that this is super crunchy and has just enough sweetness. I could sit and munch on these all day long with little to no guilt. In general I have liked the different rusks I’ve received this year, they get better and better every time.

Young Sardine Pepper Senbei. A rice cracker rich with savory sardine flavor. I cannot bring myself to eat sardines even though the last time I smelt one was 14 years ago when my daughter was young. The scent is ingrained in my memory and I can’t get past it. Now with that said I took this to my dad and he was pleasantly surprised with the flavor and nice kick of pepper.

Match + Chocolate Azuki Beans. These azuki beans are dipped in matcha powder and white chocolate for a dreamy, creamy confection. On first bite they aren’t too bad but the flavor is intensified with each chew and they are too much for me. I loved the color of these beans  but I will not be indulging in the rest of these beans. I did try to pass them off to my daughter but she was completely turned off my the green color.

Ararezutsumi. A thin sweet wafer wrapped around a savory senbei cracker. Thank goodness these are individually wrapped otherwise I would eat an entire box. I love rice crackers so to have them sweetened up is a true treat. I’m not sure I want to share these with anyone, they might be going into my secret stash.

Kyoto Matcha Baumkuchen. A modern Japanese twist on the traditional German cake, this flaky delight breaks away to reveal a creamy matcha filing. The filling is amazing! Like I previously said matcha isn’t my favorite but this Baumkuchen might be enough to change my mind. It’s sweet without being overly sweet and melt in your mouth soft.

Natural Yeast Bread Matcha. Yeast based bread that is fluffy and chewy. Each bite truly does open with a sweet dough texture and finishes with a light matcha flavor. The normal yeast bread is my daughter’s favorite product ever brought to our door, this bun is no different. I got one taste and she devoured the rest.

Kyoyuzen Candy Mix. Made by one of the oldest candy artisans in Kyoto, these colorful little tiles are perfectly sweet and fruity. These might be better than the American Jolly Rancher. They are full of flavor and not so big that you feel bored during a candy break. I can’t wait to figure out each flavor.

Yuzu Sandwich Cookie. Hugged in between two soft cookies, the yuzu center is an exciting surprise with it’s sweet citrus flavor. This was like eating a powder covered doughnut with a jelly filling, I’m totally hooked.

OFU Smoked Crackers. It’s a combination of crisply baked and perfectly seasoned crackers and peanuts. Crunchy, nutty, smokey, these snacks are delicious. I can see having a bowl of these with an alcoholic beverage for a different and exciting change to date night.

Bokksu is a fun way to travel to Japan without leaving the comfort of my home. I love that there is  a lesson to go with my food so I feel I get a well rounded experience. Thank you to Bokksu for making family night a treat, filled with laughter, good food and love. I would recommend this box to all of my favorite traveling foodie friends and family.

What’s your favorite snack from this month’s box?

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