Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box November 2017 Review #2

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The Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box is an exclusive Amazon Prime box that delivers a surprising mix of treats – all at the press of a button! FYI they recently announced that they were ending 2-day shipping on this item.

For $18 only per box, you can order an array of chocolates, sweet snacks, and a lot more, anytime, any day – but you’ll need a special button to do it.

As long as you’re an Amazon Prime Member (get a 30-day trial here), in order to get this box you’ll need the Amazon Surprise Sweets Dash Button. Invitation only, you’ll need to request your button here. Buttons are $4.99 and the purchase price will be refunded on your first order! And yes, you can press the button anytime.

I think of this as an on-demand subscription — you aren’t obligated to receive any boxes, but once you have your button you can summon one at will. This stands apart from most Amazon offerings in that it has an information card and aesthetics have been considered in the packaging.

The information card gives you a sweet description of each treat inside, plus a bit about the company that makes it!

All the sweets in this box. TIP – you can see what you’ll be getting right after you order from the Invoice button under Your Orders. If it’s not to your taste, just cancel the order.

Danny Macaroons Coconut Macaroons ($3.34) These hand-made macaroons are made from rich coconut flakes, sweetened condensed milk, egg whites, vanilla extract and some sprinkles of sea salt. They’re gluten-free!

We got the assorted 4-pack. It includes (clockwise from top left) classic plain, chocolate dipped, cocoa, and salted caramel varieties.

They are all delectable! Apart from the cocoa macaroon, all the others are the same except for the dip or coating.

They are the size of donut holes, but with a much more enjoyable texture.

The coconut retains some of its firmness, but they are sweet, rich, and creamy. Yum!

Christopher’s Bakery Vanilla Wafer Cake ($4.43) This cake is created using a vanilla wafer cookie base instead of flour. A portion of its sales will go to epilepsy and neuroscience research.

It is full of flavor without being too sweet! You could tell that they used a whole wheat flour, providing a heartiness that balanced the sweetness of the bread. It was super-moist, and I loved all of the fruit and nut add-ins.

The Crispery Crispycakes Pumpkin Spice Crispycake ($6.32??). We received this treat last August, but in Cookies and Cream flavor.

Imagine fluffy marshmallows and rice crispies rolled into one. All that sweet decadence in your mouth is bound to make you crave more.

Delightful pumpkin spice flavor in rice crispies and marshmallows. This variety has two distinct layers — one is mostly marshmallow, the other is denser on the crispies. Two weeks later, I’m still working on this monster (though I may have polished off the crispy layer first) — they are so big and so sweet that it might take you a while to get through one. I love receiving these in boxes because they’re pretty pricey to have shipped.

Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate in Caramel and Sea Salt ($2.43) The rich and creamy taste of Belgian milk chocolate with a little saltiness and added caramel bits makes this bar really special.

The inside of the wrapper provides more information about the product and their social mission.

It snaps well, really a satisfying sound.

The overall design of the chocolate is unique, not just blocks but irregular shapes that makes it look so cool. The shapes serve as scoring for breaking up the bar — what a nightmare to share, though!

The selection for this this box is really awesome. Everything is so yummy. We are always looking forward to the contents of the Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets, and we just keep on getting surprised with good stuff. Time to press that button again!

Are you getting Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets?

Visit Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets to get your button or find out more!


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    What Virginia said! Thanks for the review. That chocolate bar looks so good!

  • Virginia

    I would be bankrupt and as big as a house if I had a button to summon sweets. I have no will power when it comes to sweets and chocolate.