Stickerrs Subscription Box Review – August 2017

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Stickerrs is a fun monthly sticker subscription box for adults. For $8/month, you will receive 10 stickers from different artists and designers all over the world.

The stickers come in this amazing envelope. How awesome is that! Growing up, I always loved stickers and now as an adult I still do. Some of these stickers have to do with world issues, political stuff, and some are just plain cool.

Nike! I love Nike, and these two stickers are pretty great.

Meanwhile, these three stickers are a part of a movement to bring love, awareness, and exposure to the importance of refugees and love.

Another sticker features Obama’s mic drop, which has been a very iconic moment and a subject of memes all over the internet. Next is a colorful peace sign sticker. I’m loving the variety so far!

Also included in the package is an artistic sticker featuring a Native American headdress. The other one is a plain looking pentagon in blue. I looked up what Kanoa is and found out that it is a company that sells wireless ear buds.

I love that they included stickers of modern day interests as well. Both the pixel bear sticker and The Simpsons sticker are awesome. And that WTF sticker reminds me of Buzzfeed!

These stickers are super cool. I love the variety of interests they cover. If you collect stickers, like me, or you just like receiving fun stuff in the mail, Stickerrs is a subscription you will enjoy.

What did you think of this sticker subscription?


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