Loot Anime October 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupons – GODS AND SPIRITS!

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Loot Anime is a monthly subscription box from Loot Crate, just for Anime and Manga fans! Every month you’ll get $60 worth of figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, accessories and more.

Loot Anime’s theme of the month is GODS AND SPIRITS.

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I love how this box transformed into this awesome Book of Spells!

Everything in the October 2017 Crate!

This poster was illustrated by JUN from Collateral Damage Studios.

The back of the poster serves as the information sheet that shows a list of all the Anime goodies in this box.

Yume Gods And Spirits Phone Charm. Every Loot Anime box comes with a cute phone charm.

Aside from the shiny and glittery Yume sitting on a box with some “spirited” companions, the charm also comes with a dustproof earphone cap plug!

Noragami Pin. Here is the LootCrate exclusive pin for this month’s theme. It features Noragami, a supernatural manga/anime with elements of action and comedy.

The pin has the main protagonists: on the right is Yato, the minor God of calamity, together with the sword Yukine who is a wandering spirit, and on the bottom left is Hiyori Iki, a girl who has her soul frequently slipping out of her body.

Mushishi Tea Cups. Mushi-shi (or Mushi Master) is again, another supernatural and an occult detective manga/anime. For those who are not familiar, Mushi are ubiquitous creatures that often display what appears as supernatural powers. It is also implied in the series that there are many more lifeforms more primitive than “normal” living things such as animals, plants, fungi and bacteria, and Mushi is the most primitive of all.

These tea cups are really cool with the manga/anime’s logo on one side…

…and a cool illustration of Ginko, the main character of the series, on the other side/s. Ginko employs himself as a Mushi Master, traveling from place to place to research Mushi and aid people suffering from problems caused by them.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Josuke Figure. The figure featured in this month’s box is Josuke Higashikata, from the series’ 4th part, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Josuke is the fourth JoJo in the series and he is a high school freshman residing in the town of Morioh. He is Joseph Joestar’s illegitimate son, and also Jotaro Kujo’s half-uncle but he’s much younger! After the death of his grandfather, he takes it upon himself to protect his town from evil Stand users.

Josuke is a tall, handsome young man of average build that wears a small stud in each ear.

Josuke wears a dark, modified Japanese school uniform. His jacket conforms to his body, extending to the middle of his thigh and keeps it unbuttoned and pinned aside, revealing a light undershirt with a short zipper on each side of his chest and he also wears a pair of wide-legged pants.

This Josuke figure here is impressively detailed!

The feature most important to him is his well-maintained pompadour, styled after that of an anonymous guy who saved his life as a child. His pompadour tends to become spiky with his mood, such as when he is irritated or angry. Josuke also wears several gold emblems, like on his right, pinned is a peace sign, while on the left is a heart.

The Art Of Yoshitaka Amano. Yoshitaka Amano is a Japanese artist, character designer, illustrator and a theater and film scenic designer and also a costume designer.

He is also known as modern master of fantasy and science fiction, illustrating for anime, video games, books and graphic novels.

Here are great examples of his works!

In the 1960s, he was exposed to Western art styles via comic books, which he claims among his artistic roots.

He is really one of Japan’s greatest contemporary artists!

Every die-hard anime fan needs to get their hands on this box! It’s really a great subscription in terms of value and most items are of superior quality. This month’s theme is supernaturally terrific, and the anime that are included, even though I am not really familiar with them, looks interesting (I’ll try to look them up!).

What did you think of Loot Anime this month?

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