Graze Variety Box Review & Free Box Coupon – November 2017

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Graze is a weekly snack box (you can opt to get it bi-weekly too or every month) with 8 individual servings of prepackaged fresh and healthy snacks. With over 100 snacks available, you can rate the snacks you receive online to help customize your box.

DEAL: You can get an individually sized (4 count) box free for your first box in a Graze subscription ($1 shipping). After you get your free box, pick up more free and almost free subscription boxes here!

Previously Graze had 8-11 different variety of snack boxes – those have been compressed into 3 varieties. I’m a little bummed about it!

We got a Variety Box! Every box includes an info sheet. It has coupons to share with friends and some other item of interest —  sometimes it’s a recipe incorporating a graze snack; other times it is an announcement of new offerings from the Graze snack lab.

The other side has the nutrition info for each of your selections. You will see a host of healthy ingredients and no weird stuff. The expiration dates for the snacks are printed on this sheet, too. I think they are tied to the inherent degree of perishability of the items, with the primarily dried fruit deconstructed carrot cake having an exceptionally long life relative to the others.

Our box has a Hello Fresh coupon code for $30 off, but it’s still not as good as our $40 off code.

Everything is packed in neatly, and all the snacks are perfectly portable. Our family divvies them up for emergency breakfasts, special snacks, and desk snacks – depending on the family member!

Raspberry & Coconut Muffin. Crunchy and slightly sweet.

The slivered almonds and coconut make for lots of interesting texture in the blend. The combo of almond cookies and flavored cranberries really taste like a raspberry muffin!

Cookies & Cream. Definitely for those who love chocolate-y and crunchy treats.

This is perfectly paired with hot beverages. It’s the perfect combination of cocoa cookies, white chocolate buttons, and for extra crunch are some sunflower seeds and chocolate fudge for extra decadence. My only wish for this blend would be to have the white chocolate buttons slightly smaller, so you got a little bit in each pinch of mix.

Veggie Caesar. Primarily light and crispy, this mix combines sour cream & onion half-popped corn, Cheddar bruschetta & edamame beans.

The mixture of seasonings creates a vaguely Ceasar salad like flavor, particularly when combined with the green depth of the edamame. The bruschetta stand in as big, delicious croutons. The three different types of crunch make this one a wonderful craving killer.

Deconstructed Carrot Cake. It has cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts, carrot chews and ginger fudge.

Another snack that was gone too fast! It definitely captures the moist and rich character of carrot cake, though the carrot flavor isn’t very intense. The slight bitterness from the walnuts balances it a bit, but this is still one sweet treat!

Protein Peanut Butter With Pretzel Sticks Dipper. The classic snack “combo,” but with a better nutritional profile.

No added sugar and a dose of protein (5 grams) make this snack a great way to enjoy your peanut butter pretzel fix. My youngest grabbed this pack to devour — toddlers cant’ resist dippin’ sticks!

Pizza Margherita. This mix mimics the flavors of the classic pizza.

This is a bread-heavy blend has a nice crispy crunch. Each item has its own flavoring, and the mix is equally good eaten together or bit by bit.

Pumpkin Spice Flapjack. These are my favorite snack to receive in my Graze box! They are a world away from any typical granola bar, whether chewy or crispy. They are superbly moist and soft, more like a delicate oatmeal cookie than a bar. 

This is the newest flapjack flavor, and it is a natural fit. I can’t believe it took this long to put out the quintessential “basic” fall flavor!

Deconstructed Cinnamon Apple Pie. Yogurt coated raisins, blanched almonds, and cinnamon dusted apple pieces.

This blend is fantastic. I love the blanched, untoasted almonds and the apple pieces are cinnamony and lightly chewy. The yogurt coated raisins don’t contain any high fructose corn syrup, but the blend is still very sweet. I’m a sucker for white chocolate or yogurt covered confections, so this one really hit the spot.

Graze Box is a definitely a fun way to get healthy and portion controlled variety of snack alternatives.  And the great thing is, you can customize it according to you and your family’s tastes. The treats are all yummy and we can’t get enough of them. Can’t wait for the next set of treats!

Graze recently introduced a rewards program with more incentives to buy from the shop, and we’ve been picking up multi-packs of our very favorite treats to have on hand or tuck into a bag for a snack on the go! They have flavors that I haven’t seen in the subscription yet, which is a little odd. Maybe they’ll show up there, perhaps they’ll be store-exclusive. While they’ve reduced the number of categories (e.g. variety) for subscription purposes, the Graze store can still be sorted, searched, and refined by the all manner of categories.

What’s your favorite snack from Graze?

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