Tennis Trunk October 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Tennis Trunk is a monthly subscription box that sends tennis balls and other essentials for the tennis enthusiast. Developed by tennis players for tennis players, this box equips you with all of the gear you’ll need to skip last minute store runs and head out to the courts instead!

They have multiple plans available, so you can choose what will work best for you and your game. While you can choose a plan that sends out 3, 6 or 9 cans of tennis balls each month, you can also choose either a men’s or women’s box containing balls and other gear.

This is the men’s box.

Tennis Trunk was created by and for tennis players, and it really shows. Each month, they include a number of different “I never knew it existed, but now that I do, I can’t live without it” products.

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The box included helpful information about each of the included products.

A page dedicated to Tennis Trunk’s social media page!

Everything in the  box!

RxBar Chocolate Chip Protein Bar ($1.19) – Perfect for on-the-go breakfast or even as post-workout food. It’s a whole food protein bar made with 100% natural ingredients, including fruits and chocolate chip for added texture and taste.

It has no sugar, gluten, soy and most of all… no BS! The manufacturer doesn’t “keep the ingredients a secret” so it sure is good for everybody!

Elso Athletics Tennis Socks ($17?) – This pair of socks is designed for comfort, support, and performance. Made of Nylon, Coolmax®, Spandex and Polyester.

I like the cozy fit! The socks also has a universal ankle support that delivers all around stability and balance in areas most important to tennis players.

Gamma-Neon Tac Overgrip 3 Pack ($5.99) – Secure your grip on your every shot with this high tack over grip that also wicks moisture from your hands. It comes in three neon colors: pink, yellow and orange.

The back of the packaging shows a how-to-use illustration of the tacs.

Wilson US Open 2 Tennis Balls ($6.95 each) High-quality tennis balls made with premium grade wool.

Gamma Ocho Tnt Rx String ($11.50) – It is the first solid core, synthetic gut string construction that features an octagonal shape with 8 sharp edges for maximum ball bite.

This provides greater spin and and livelier response. The material used is Zorbicon, which is great for dampening shock before it reaches the arm.

The package also includes a natural colored gauge 16 string with a string information card, so you’ll know when to restring again when it wears out.

Gamma TNT2 16 String ($9.95) – A great all-around string for power, feel and control.

It has an Elastalon™ center core and outer wraps with a pearl coating to enhance durability. Also, the TNT string features GAMMA’s patented thermal processing technology that enhances elasticity and resiliency.

Like the first string that we got from the box, this one is also in a natural color with a string information card.

Tennis Trunk is a great subscription for any tennis player, whether a beginner, a professional player or even someone playing just for fun. All the items in this box are going to be useful, so there’s really no need for a trip to the sports store — meaning more time to concentrate on practice or on any upcoming game!

What do you think about this month’s Tennis Trunk?

Tennis Trunk

Tennis Trunk aims to provide tennis players with essential equipment they need to keep practicing on their forehands, backhands, volleys and everything in between. In fact, they'll deliver equipment you can use on the courts every month, right to your door.

Their team scours the country every month for the best tennis products so you can be prepared next time you step on the courts. Beyond just tennis balls, their unique boxes contain all sorts of fun and useful items you can use to have more fun and be a better player including: over-grips, electrolyte packets, towels, protein bars, wrist bands, energy gels, sunblock and so much more

Ships To US.
Shipping $7.95 Shipping to the US
95 per month

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