Target Beauty Box October 2017 Review

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Every month Target launches non-subscription Target Beauty Boxes.  Depending on the contents, they are themed and cost $5-10, and sell out quickly!

This box is still available for $7 at time of posting.

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The information card gives brief details on each item, and there’s a $3 off $15 coupon too.

The card reminds you that you can find the full-sized version at

Everything in the box.

Maui Moisture Shea Butter Shampoo ($1.77) This shampoo smells great and uses a blend of coconut water and aloe vera juice to tame curly hair and manage frizz and tangles.

This is silicone, paraben, gluten, and sulfated surfactant free!I loved the scent of the shampoo – coconutty & tropical! I would complain that the conditioner wasn’t included, but I tried this out in an Amazon sample box and already know that the Conditioner isn’t scented.

 Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Hand Wash ($0.59) Loved this just as much as the body wash in the April Naturals box! It smells just as you’d imagine lemon sugar to smell – as if you squeezed a lemon onto a plate of sugar. This body wash uses a variety of plant and botanical extracts and I kept smelling my hands afterwards. Nice to see this in the regular box.

Rimmel Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Plum This Show ($4.99) The tip on the info card told me to kiss my summer gloss goodbye – velvety matte lips are back in season. However, judging from my boxes, they never left! It’s been all about the matte lips!

This is long lasting (so much so that my toddler told me the next day that my lips were dirty. The color was great, I loved it, but unfortunately the scent and taste going on were terrible. Fortunately it dissipated. What we do for  long lasting color!

Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner in Brush Pewter ($6.83) Neutrogena is one of my favorite drugstore/Target makeup brands, so I was excited to see it in the October beauty box!

This liner is a really pretty pewter, which is less harsh than solid black, and glides on smoothly, setting after a few minutes.

It comes with an in-built sharpener/smudger, and I showed the smudge below (top). I was surprised to find that it got all sparkly when smudged out. I loved the look I got when apply, smudging, then reapplying.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Hair Clay System Rebalancing Shampoo ($0.10) & Conditioner ($0.10) The tip on the card told me to use the pre-shampoo mask that works with these 3 clay hair products – unfortunately not in the box. This is supposed to clarify roots while conditioning hair. I am not sure the clay does any of that work ( the shampoo uses salicylic acid which would help roots) and my hair was crazy the next day.  Plus the amounts in this packet were skimpy – not sure it would cover long hair at all.

 Masque Bar by Look Beauty Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Mask ($2.20) This mask contains green tea extract, collagen, and vitamin E to help hydrate skin and reduce wrinkles. I didn’t see any changes, but I’m always up for a sheet masking session!

e.l.f Wax Brow Pencil ($1.99) I would have never thought I’d find a completely new to me product in Target Beauty Box!

Instead of a color, this clear brow wax helps set your brows, when you want to tame your natural look and show that off! It kept everything in check and finding the perfect match colorwise wasn’t necessary! Why haven’t I ever seen this before? Who knows, but it was neat.

I came up with a total value of nearly $19 for the October box. That’s over 2.5x the cost of the box. I thought it was great to get 3 full size cosmetic products, but I wasn’t wowed by everything (especially the taste of the Rimmel & the weird mix of shampoos in the box). I’m sticking with recommending that you purchase the Target Beauty Box if you want the makeup products (or other full size items) in the box and treating everything else as a bonus.

What do you think of October’s Target Beauty Box?


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