PageHabit September 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Science Fiction

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PageHabit is a monthly book and bookish item subscription. The subscription costs $29.99 per month, and you can choose from a variety of genres available like Mystery, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and Young Adult Fiction. PageHabit also gives back to the community – each month, they partner with different organizations to make sure that children around the world have books to read.

New – they’ve just added Sci-Fi!

DEAL: Save $10 off your subscription! Use this link to get the deal.

Paper squiggles are back this month.

The featured author this month is Peter Clines.

This month, children from Dalia in Togo will benefit from PageHabit purchases!

Seeing the Fantasy pick, I’m kind of wondering if I should have selected that one. Good thing I can now add on selections! They’re $18.98 each.

It also includes an infographic-style trivia about Togo.

Everything in my September 2017 box!

I picked Science Fiction this month. My box includes one (1) newly released book, plus several bookish goods.

FYI – the bookish goods are the same over all the subscriptions. Here are the books in the other subscriptions (all hardcover prices):

Paradox Bound by Peter Clines ($16.09)

Nothing ever changes in Sanders. The town’s still got a video store, for god’s sake.

So why doesn’t Eli Teague want to leave?

Not that he’d ever admit it, but maybe he’s been waiting—waiting for the traveler to come back. The one who’s roared into his life twice before, pausing just long enough to drop tantalizing clues before disappearing in a cloud of gunfire and a squeal of tires. The one who’s a walking anachronism, with her tricorne hat, flintlock rifle, and steampunked Model-A Ford.

The one who’s being pursued by…something.

So when the mysterious traveler finally reappears, Eli’s determined that this time, he’s going to get some answers. But his hunt soon yields far more than he bargained for, plunging him headlong into a dizzying world full of competing factions and figures straight out of legend.

To make sense of the mystery at its heart, he must embark on a breakneck chase across the country and through two centuries of history­—with nothing less than America’s past, present, and future at stake.

Seeing these short reviews from known authors already makes me excited to read the whole book!

It’s recommended for Doctor Who fans!  I’m giving this one a spin and then sending it to another reviewer so we can geek out together.

Page Habit featured authors always include little insightful notes in books which make the (reading) journey even better. Especially when your husband inadvertently takes pics of the spread with lots of F words strewn about.

Some of the notes provide readers with additional information to fully understand the story…

…and sometimes, they include trivia about the writer and the characters he made.

Wise words from John Alfred Langford in a form of a bookmark! J.A. Langford is a known journalist, poet and antiquary from Birmingham.

This adorable cat is my new beverage coaster!

Also included in the box is a time traveler patch featuring a colorful hourglass. It happened to go with my story, but they are indeed the same over all subscriptions.

Next is a cute comic book pin that will totally belong to my daughter.

Another addition on our to-read pile this month is this short story from Great Jones Street.

Q County Colored Penitentiary by Sonya Larson

When a boy strays too far from home he finds something sinister in the woods. He can’t see it then, but the ripples of this discovery will impact him for life.

The text on this book is larger than most prints so it’s easier to read!

This is an ideal quick read. Great to bring during travels too, especially if you can’t bring bulky books with you.

PageHabit Bookmark – A bookmark printed on high-quality paper. A classic-looking one we got here!

Choose your genre and have it on your shelf — Page Habit indeed makes it easy for book lovers to build their own collection of awesome reads. The extras they throw in are really cute too! And of course, it’s always nice knowing that they participate in projects that spread the love for reading and the importance of literacy in various parts of the world.

What genre is your favorite?

Visit Page Habit to subscribe or find out more!


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