October 2017 eSalon Custom Hair Color Subscription Review + Coupon

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eSalon Custom Hair Color is an at home custom color subscription. When you first log in and sign up you fill out a survey and answer questions about what you are looking for in a color and what color you currently are etc. eSalon then has a chart showing where you are and what would work for you. From this, they will send a custom blended color right to your door. They have recently changed up their two different subscriptions into one so we got a large box this month with out color and the extras.

First look in the box and you will see your customized information and instruction card on top of your coloring supplies and your extras.  this month we have new colored bags in the box. They now match the peach coloring of the box.

DEALeSalon‘s color is $24.95 per box, $19.99 on subscription – try your first month for $10 with this link!

The box comes with the developer, color and perfect match kit.

The perfect match box comes with gloves, stain guard and remover, and shampoo and conditioner.

The subscription comes with easy to follow instructions.

It was a rainy dreary morning today so once I got my boys off to school I decided it was a good day to color my hair.

Oh my, this picture shocks me every time I take it. I don’t normally see the top of my head to see my roots but it always surprises me how much they grow out between colorings.

eSalon thinks of everything including a little sticker that allows me to stick up my instructions so they are easy to see while I’m working.

Let’s call this the Princess Leia look. I always get started by clipping up my hair into sections using my eSalon clips that came with my coloring bowl.

I have a bowl and brush that I got as an extra from eSalon. To start, I mix the developer and the color.

When all mixed together, I’m ready to go.

Here is a pic of me with all the color in my hair. The instructions say to wait for 30 minutes so I put the color in and then chill and wait. I do random things like talk to my friends, check emails, read blogs, etc. while I wait. The flexibility of being able to do it whenever I want is one of the best things about eSalon.

Fresh out of the shower and dressed and combed. It looks pretty red in this picture.

My part is so much better now. It really makes me happy when I can do my hair and not have to fret about the grays that are starting to show up.

eSalon used to have a separate subscription for their extras called the Matchup but they now just have them available as extras in your box. I got a couple extras in my box this month. If you choose your favorites to autoship them you save 20% on your extras.

Getting Rich Shampoo and Conditioner ($15.00 each) – Super luxe, nutrient-dense shampoo that gently cleanses and hydrates without color-fading sulfates, and a luxurious conditioner that gently hydrates and detangles with a vitamin-rich formula that’s safe for color-treated hair. Ideal for all hair types.

Deeply Invested Nourishing Hair Mask ($19.00) – Intensive conditioning mask that helps repair and renew damaged strands. Ideal for all hair types.

All colored and ready for the next couple months. eSalon always leaves me with great color that lasts until I do it again. I have mine set up for every 8 weeks but you can modify that in your account if you want it sooner. The color is shiny and bright and makes my hair feel great after I’ve colored it.  It really is so much easier then I was expecting and I love that I can do it whenever I want.

Do you color your own hair? Have you tried eSalon? You can try your first at-home color for $10 with this link – no coupon code required!


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