The Gentleman’s Box Review & Coupon – October 2017

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The Gentleman’s Box is a monthly men’s subscription box – including the required essentials for the savvy man. Each month includes a copy of GQ, which is delivered separately to subscribers. Boxes contain selected items ranging from style to grooming.

Each box also includes a copy of The Gentleman’s Post (mailed separately), a well-designed booklet of the products and descriptions. It has an editor’s note, a short blurb about the month’s collection, a crossword puzzle, a cocktail recipe, and member features.

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Each month dedicates to someone who has had a significant influence on culture or fashion. This month’s collection is to our favorite “King of Horror.” I like how the treatment of theme as evolved over time. When Gentleman’s Box first started having honorees, they were mere masculine archetypes. Then the descriptions became detailed enough that they hinted at a particular person. Now, they list specifics that make it impossible to not recognize our honoree. This month’s is King of Horror, Stephen King.

The box always includes a copy of The Gentlemen’s Post, which serves as a product and styling guide. It shows each item in this month’s box and the retail value.

I like the layout of the product guide. A page is dedicated to each item — they include the usual picture and blurb, but they also include a handy section denoting the level of attire (e.g. formal, business, biz-cas, casual) for which the item is appropriate, as well as colors that best complement it. Some item descriptions include coupon codes for follow-on orders from the manufacturer, like this 20% code for Lord of Ties.

This box was much more formal than normal. It didn’t have a bow-tie, but the palette was gray and black. Often the selections are very bold and designed to make drab business attire pop, but this was a very versatile and relatively low-key collection.

A few styling extras are located throughout the Post, such as this guide to wearing suspenders properly.

Also included were some ideas on shifting to a Fall look, plus some easy date ideas.

There’s also a page dedicated for the Deal of the Month! This offer included two pieces that would certainly provide a formal edge for the items in this month’s box.

The box is totally stuffed with matching gear!

Everything in my October box! I thought they did a great job of matching the tone of the gray selections, making the entire box suitable for single-outfit wear.

Red Balloon: GB encouraged subscribers to post to social media incorporating a balloon in their pics to honor the theatre release of the recent version of Stephen King’s classic, It.

Kishan Patel Lord Of Ties Black and Gray Plaid Tie ($30): This cotton tie has a beautiful texture — it is matte and has a warm, welcoming feel without looking ragged and fuzzy.

It is ideal for dressing up a casual outfit. It has a loop to constrain the tail, so you don’t need to wear with a clip or pin.

The checkered pattern has a very neutral gray and true black, making it a good pairing for black, charcoal, or gray suits, too. The modern sizing is great — it is slightly less wide than a classic tie, but it doesn’t get into skinny tie territory, so it doesn’t distort the lines of a jacket or vest. It is the tie equivalent of the “straight-leg” jean cut.

Keep It Simple Socks ($12): A bit of whimsical take on a dress sock, this pair features little black and white bow-ties on a striped multi-gray background.

The socks are tailored with a toe seam and shaped heel for a good fit. They are a bit fluffier (and more cushioned) than your standard dress sock.

Dibi Suspenders ($60): Suspenders are an underutilized portion of the wardrobe. They are a necessity for black tie, but they work equally well for adding a bit of sophistication to even business casual.

This pair has a leather backplate, with black and white thread within the straps.

The embellishments and buckles are silver toned metal.

The set comes with both button loops and clips, so you can wear the suspenders with pants regardless of whether they have a suspender button sewn in. The alternate fasteners swap out quickly and easily without any tools.

They even included a bag of buttons, should you want to convert some of your dress pants to be compatible with the button loop suspenders.

Dibi Black Shoe Laces ($10): Classy black laces with a black and white pattern that matches nicely with the suspender and tie.

The laces are thin and sized for a 5-6 eyelet shoe. The metal aglets add a touch of class, plus some added lacing control and durability.

Gentleman’s Box is a superb choice for men’s suit accessories. The items coordinate well, and they tend to be fashionable without being flashy. Each box is dedicated to a particular honoree, but they don’t necessarily speak to that person’s personal style or attire — King usually appears without ties or or other embellishments. This box, however, was a perfect starter set for building or rebuilding the backbone of a formal wear ensemble.

Have you tried Gentleman’s Box?


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