Disney Frozen Olaf Adventure 2017 Advent Calendar Mini Review

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The 2017 Disney Frozen Olaf Adventure Advent Calendar is a 25 piece advent calendar with Olaf, Anna, and Elsa and more.  It’s now available at Amazon for $29.99 as well as other select retailers.

TIP: With a Dreidel & Menorah, this calendar is also perfect for counting down to Hanukkah or for blended families that celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah.

In Disney’s Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, it’s the first holiday season since the gates reopened in Arendelle. Anna and Elsa are hosting a surprise holiday party for the entire town. But when the townspeople unexpectedly excuse themselves to prepare for their own celebrations, Anna and Elsa realize they have no family traditions of their own. Olaf, with Sven at his side, embarks on a mission to find the girls the best tradition ever.

Enjoy counting down the 25 days until Christmas with Disney’s Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Advent Calendar. Open a new window each day to reveal a surprise figure and recreate your favorite scene. There are 25 collectible figures, which include various characters and iconic objects from the feature short. The package opens to reveal the iconic crystal Christmas tree with your favorite Frozen characters, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff & Sven!

The Advent Calendar’s box features a high-quality illustration of the characters, Anna, Elsa, Sven, Kristoff and of course, the star of the season (he’s really an iconic character for the holiday) Olaf!

The Advent Calendar comes in an easy pop-up box.

Each window easily be popped out and just take the surprise figure inside!

Here, Olaf looks excited for all the festivities!

The last day of the countdown on this box features the iconic Frozen crystal Christmas Tree.

Here are all the figures you can get from the Calendar. There are different iconic objects from the movie and from the holidays, and of course, the different faces of Olaf.

Here’s the sleigh with a gift at the back. there’s a pin inside where you can attach the different Olaf figures, they just pop right in.

There’s Olaf and you can see that there’s a tiny hole at the bottom of the figure, where you can attach the pin inside the sleigh.

Another figure of Olaf that’s included in the box where he is all wrapped in a violet scarf. The only downside – you can only do one at a time.

The Calendar also includes this functional and sweetly designed mini jewelry box.

The small holiday accessories fit in the box, or whatever holiday magic you might find!

The figures are all high-quality, the details are real good that the makers really captured the different expressions of Olaf. Protip – if you want to display all the Olafs upright try Elmer’s Poster Tac N Stik. Now you know our secret (and don’t say we didn’t warn you that your Olafs may not all stand up on their own).

And there are other characters as well. The designs are really impressive.

And here are the iconic objects that perfectly represent all the Christmas AND Hanukkah traditions (a definite tribute to Josh Gad, Olaf’s voice actor!) plus some definite tips of the hat to Scandinavian Christmas. I love that this calendar incorporates all these cultural references and it’s a good way to talk about others’ Christmas and winter holiday traditions.

These three items will remind you of some of the scenes from the animation short.

The box functions as a good background for playing with all the figures at once!

The Olaf’s Frozen Adventure themed Advent Calendar is a perfect way to do your Holiday countdown. All the included figures are perfect representations of the coming season’s traditions. Olaf surely brought the perfect Family Christmas Tradition to Anna and Elsa! (And everyone knows that the BEST holiday traditions involve an advent calendar!).

What do you think of the Olaf Frozen Advent Calendar?

Grab this calendar at Amazon while it lasts!


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