Wizarding World Crate September 2017 Review + Coupon

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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate from Loot Crate is the bi-monthly and official Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts subscription box. For $34.99 every other month, you’ll get 5-7 unique and officially licensed Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise, so there’s no need to go to Diagon Alley!

The “suitcase” is in Muggle Worthy mode!

The theme this month is MAGICAL MUST-HAVES!

DEAL: Save 10% on the entire length of your subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

We  received a folded letter with a faux seal on the back.

This box has everything we need to start a new year at Hogwarts or just get everything ship shape at MACUSA.

The letter tells you how magical this month’s items are – the stars denote that the items are exclusive to the box! Each item is an exclusive this month.

All the magical loot in the MAGICAL MUST-HAVES crate!

MACUSA Desk Supply Set

This themed stationery set is perfect. There’s a letter sized folder, notepad,  and 2 paper clips. The folder would be great for cosplay or a costume, or just to keep at the front of your stack to lend your desk a non-muggle feel.

Always stay vigilant!

You can write  muggle notes on this pad, or use it to record threat levels. I think it would be super funny for editing!

And a nice a 7.5×3.5 lined notepad with the MACUSA seal at the top to send important missives!

Honeydukes Eraser Set: This box looks just as if its a set of candy from Honeydukes!

This set includes chocolate frog, sugar skull, jelly slug, and cauldron cake. All in eraser form!

This is so stinking cute!

You might imagine these erasers getting bewitched and turning into the items themselves!

What a fun, whimsical item, and so well done.

Salazar Slytherin’s Locket Enamel Pin

The next in the Horcrux series of pins!

It’s Salazar Slytherin’s locket.

He looked at the serpentine S, inlaid with glittering, green stones: It was easy to visualise it as a minuscule snake… concentrating on the letter S, imagining a serpent, while the contents of the locket rattled like a trapped cockroach. It would have been easy to pity it, except that the cut around Harry’s necks still burned… The golden doors of the locket swung wide with a little click. Behind both of the glass windows within blinked a living eye, dark and handsome as Tom Riddle’s eyes had been before he turned them scarlet and slit-pupiled.”

Harry Potter’s Wand Pen: I was quite surprised at another wand pen – looks like a series! You can see Snape’s wand qua pen here.

This time, it’s Harry’s Wand!

A fun item that’s definitely been put through through the paces in our house!


Ravenclaw Hogwarts House Scarf: We decided to give our second child a chance at some house items and switched our house to Ravenclaw (silly kids, they don’t realize yet that we’re all Slytherins!).

Some of the tassels were sticking out of the box when it arrive but it didn’t seem to have affected the scarf, which is high quality, and unmistakably Ravenclaw!

A totally magical scarf perfect for fall, and high quality too. It’s a whopping 85 inches or so long, so it will bundle our 6 year old quite nicely this winter!

Second box in a row that I thought was a total slam dunk! Everything is just absolutely perfect, and as we get antsier about the next installments in Fantastic Beasts, I’m wanting more MACUSA and everything from the North American Wizarding World. I’m also hoping to see something from all the non-Hogwarts schools eventually. I think that would be really fun – maybe a pin series once we’re out of Horcruxes?


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