Umai Crate September 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Umai Crate is a monthly subscription box that brings you exclusive Japanese-style noodles every month. The subscription costs $25 per month, and you’ll get 7-8 noodles, plus bonus items like gachapons, collectible chopsticks, and more.

Umai Crate is from the same makers that bring you Japan Crate, Doki Doki Crate, and Kira Kira Crate!

This is the September edition of Umai Crate. The box is almost the size of a windowsill planter, and it’s packed with yummy noodles!

DEAL: Take $3 off your first crate. Use coupon code HELLO.

This booklet always contains a couple fun articles about noodles and noodle eating culture in Japan!

 There are also some fun recipes – this one dresses up the Kirin Ramen Pizza.

There’s also a fun page with the characters Ike Men and Shoyu.

The booklet also has a list of everything in the box, including the bonus item. I like the way each noodle pack description has little IKEA-style pictograms showing the preferred preparation method. It helps us pick which ones to cook at home and which to take with!

Everything in the September 2017 Umai Crate.

Bonus! Trivet! This adorable flower petal trivet is quite tall – perfect for protecting your counter from a big pot of hot soup.

Ogasawara Kirin Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor:  This brand is known for their slightly retro packaging. The soy sauce flavor in this ramen packet lends a classic taste and smell to the dish. It’s not too salty and makes a perfect snack or meal.

Ogasawara Kirin Ramen Miso Flavor:  This variety has a savory taste that is simply delicious. The broth is very tasty and the noodles are firm and flavorful as well.

[Editor’s notes – sorry no pics of these, I ate them while watching movies – but they look like regular brick ramen – they just taste a MILLION times better]

Itomen Yam Soba This is a particularly salty pack but still delicious. The broth packs a lot of flavor and there’s a lot of noodles too. The buckwheat noodles are made with yam, adding a bit of fall flavor. It comes with a packet of bonito seasoning to amp up the broth.

Yamamoto Tanuki Oyaji Spicy Ramen  Now ramen lovers who love that Asian spiciness will love this variety.

It has a yummy broth that packs a punch on the spicy side. The heat is relatively gentle while devouring the noodles, but it really builds once you start sipping the broth. The noodles are firm and blends well with the spicy broth, making the flavors come together nicely.

Yamamoto Tanuki Oyaji Tonkatsu Ramen This flavor bears the distinctive pork flavor of tonkatsu. A simple and tasty combo.

Like the other flavors from the brand, the broth in this one is very tasty, and the noodles go wonderfully with it. Many prefer adding vegetables but it is also great by itself.

Itomen Shijimi Ramen The shijimi clam flavor brings out a good seafood taste in this pack.

Tasty broth plus flavorful noodles will instantly make this flavor a fan favorite. The big slices of kelp add some nice green texture, and it even has tiny little clams in the seasoning packet!

Itomen Ginger Miso Ramen The touch of ginger adds an interesting taste and smell to this variety. It isn’t overly spicy, and the kids loved it!

The delicious broth goes together very well with the noodles. Another hit from the Itomen brand.

It says “Itadakimasu” or Let’s Eat!

We always smile when Umai Crate arrives, because we know we have some warm, yummy lunches in store for us. We love the variety of noodles and sauces in each box – all completely authentic and popular in Japan. This often means seafood-based flavors, but there is often vegetarian, soy, pork, or other options, too. The bonus extras are awesome, as they are always a useful addition to our ramen-preparation arsenal.

Visit Umai Crate to subscribe or find out more!


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