Tea Box Express August 2017 Subscription Review & Coupon

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Tea Box Express is a monthly subscription box containing a brand-name, whole-leaf tea (either loose leaf or in a pyramid bag) plus 3-4 other tea related items, which may include infusers, measuring spoons, or food items like chocolate or cookies. It costs $25.50 for a monthly box, plus $6.49 for shipping. They offer 1, 3, or 6-month terms and each will automatically renew until canceled (or choose the gift option, which doesn’t renew).

DEAL: Save 20% on your first monthly box! Use coupon code  HELLO20.

Everything in my box! Tea Box Express aims to “deliver a tea party to your door every month.”

There was a card inside…

…and on the back it said how you could win a free box by sharing your photos on social media!

Justea Purple Leaf Tea OK, I thought I’d seen it all, but purple tea? Anthocyanins, the same stuff that makes berries, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables purple is also found in these tea leaves.

This is whole leaf tea, no tea dust to be found.

Steeping instructions were included and this is steeped with a similar water temperature and time as green tea. Using water that is too hot can make for a bitter cup.

The flip side of the card talked about the tea company.

Here’s what the finished cup looked like, which had a mild flavor similar to green tea. This isn’t the type of tea to drink with milk but a bit of sugar made it pretty tasty.

I added a squeeze of lemon juice and it magically transformed before my eyes. This, of course, made it tart but again, sugar!

Raley’s Homemade Emoti-Candy Candy that smiles back!

These are made with all-natural colors and flavors.

Blueberry, banana, raspberry, cherry, and lime are the flavors in current rotation.

G+H Tea Services Collapsible Laser Mesh Tea Infuser (similar one here) features laser-cut mesh to help the water reach the tea without leaving tea leaves behind in the cup.

Here it is collapsed…

…and fully extended. This was the first time I’ve seen this type of infuser and it took a bit of Googling before I figured out how it works. Just set it on top of a small pot or mug, place tea leaves inside, and then pour water to cover. After the appropriate amount of time, remove from cup and you should have a perfect cuppa. I would suggest using tongs or a pot holder to remove from the cup as I imagine the strainer will be quite hot.

Old Town Spice Shop Honey Powder Honey, in powder form? Hmm, I guess this would make it easy to store or take camping as it takes up little room.

What a box of firsts this month! I discovered a new type of tea infuser, a new color of tea, and powdered honey, plus enjoyed some deliciously cute candy. Tea Box Express consistently features cute items and tasty treats, plus, TEA! This box impresses me with its curation and top-notch items and I look forward to enjoying my tea party in a box every month!

What do you think of Tea Box Express?

Visit Tea Box Express to subscribe or find out more!


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