Runner’s World Box Subscription Box Review – August 2017

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Runner’s World Box is a subscription box curated by the editors of Runner’s World magazine and promises to be filled with running gear, accessories, nutritious snacks, and other cool stuff. This is one of my favorite sport boxes – I haven’t gotten a thing yet in a Runner’s World Box that I couldn’t use and, better, yet, I’ve found some great new favorites. Runner’s World Box is perfect for runners and other active folks.

Subscriptions are $29.99 plus shipping/month. Let’s see what great things came in this month’s box!

Here’s a look at everything in the August box. This month was a bunch of new-to-me stuff – hooray!

On one side of the information card, there’s a “letter” from one of the Runner’s World editors. Sometimes, it’s providing a theme for the month. Other times, like this month, it’s just telling you about some of the awesome things in the box.

The flip side of the information card describes the enclosed items, along with suggestions for use and suggested retail price. Let’s see what new-to-me goodies I received in August.

Go Pocket ($14.99/3 pack): I have seen advertisements for these Go Pockets on social media and sports websites, but hadn’t had a chance to test them out myself. Thanks to Runner’s World Box I got a package to try! The idea is that if you’re wearing active wear without a pocket, you can use these one-time stick-on pockets to hold your phone, key, etc.

I couldn’t get a decent picture when I was testing them out, so I’ll show you the information card about the Go Pocket that was included in the box. The pocket stuck easily to a running tech t-shirt and was sturdy enough to hold my phone while running. Bonus – the pocket comes off very easily and doesn’t leave behind any sticky stuff. I’m not sure this is a product I’d use often, but for a long race it might add some much-needed carrying space without using a bouncy waist pack.

Bobo’s Mini Bites ($1.50): Yum! Yum! Yum! The only problem with this little apple pie-flavored bite is that I wanted more! This was a perfect size, however, for a pre-race snack – plus it’s made with simple ingredients and is gluten-free. I’ll definitely be buying more of these treats.

Moji Mini Pro Massager ($29.99): I wasn’t sure about this item, but it turns out it’s one of my new best friends. It has a nice handle so you can put it in the palm of your hand and use to massage sore muscles… which I have plenty of as I’m in peak training season for my fall races. The instructions suggest you can freeze the device for an ice massage, which I haven’t tried. One thing I have tried (and loved) – you can also set it on the floor and roll the soles of your feet around on it… heavenly after a long run or even a busy day at work. (Moji does sell a foot massager, but this worked just fine for me!)

Zest Tea ($7.99): Zest Tea is hyper-caffeinated tea… as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. I’m actually a coffee junkie and get my caffeine just fine from that… but I like the idea of having an alternative. This particular variety, the Blue Lady, is delicious – I like the orange/lemon/hibiscus flavor a lot.

Hampton’s Creek Just Siracha Mayo ($3.29): I love mayo. And I love flavored mayo. This siracha mayo is delish… and also vegan. They use yellow pea in place of eggs – but if you like regular mayo, you won’t even notice the difference. The box also included a great recipe using the mayo, in case I needed any inspiration.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder ($1.50): I drink way too many smoothies and use way too much protein powder, so I’m always pleased to see a sample pack of a new brand of protein powder in a box. This plant-based protein powder mixed in very easily and had a nice natural vanilla flavor. Yum.

As I mentioned above, Runner’s World Box is definitely one of my favorite boxes. The box is clearly curated by runners and designed to make runners happy. If you are a runner or enjoy other active sports, give Runner’s World Box a try. It’s awesome.

Visit Runner’s World Box to subscribe or find out more!


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