Love With Food August 2017 Tasting Box Review + Coupon!

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Love with Food is a popular snack subscription! It is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: classic tasting box, deluxe/family size, and gluten-free.  This is the Tasting box, but you can see our reviews of the other versions too.

This month’s theme for Love with Food is “Believe You Can.” There are no suggestions this month only words of encouragement as we prepare for fall.

DEAL: You can try out Love With Food by using this link to get your first Deluxe Box for $5 off or get your first Classic Size Box for $7.99. You can also save 25% on your first Gluten-Free box by using this link. As always, Love With Food donates meals to charity with each box purchased.

Lip Balm! I have a slight lip balm obsession and have them in many strategically placed areas around my home and office, I never want dry or cracked lips. I will say this was a great surprise and it moisturized wonderfully. I would not be sad to see another lip balm show up in a few months. Also a really good thing is it didn’t melt in the Arizona heat… it’s a winner for sure!

Barney Butter in Smooth Almond Butter. Oh my heavens is this good… almond butter, in my opinion, is so much better than peanut butter and this new-to-me brand is taking the cake. I didn’t only loved the flavor and the easy-to-spread consistency, but I love snack packs. It’s wonderful to send to school with my daughter or work with my husband and not have to worry about messy fingers because it got all over the container. Another great thing is since it doesn’t require refrigeration it takes seconds to knead and spread for a wholesome snack.

Glee Gum. I am not a fan of gum or hearing other people to chew gum, so I sent my daughter outside to play and give me an honest review. She loved it! Said that it tasted as good as other bubble gums with nothing but loads of sugar. She even requested that we find in at our local grocery store. I can’t say that I can complain about a healthy version of candy.

Pure Growth Organic White Cheddar Popcorn. Popcorn is a family favorite and we all wrestled each other to get some of this delicious treat. This was crispy and cheesy not to mention organic and gluten free. This will be a treat we keep stocked for movie night, after school snaking and just because it’s so darn good.

Belgian Boys Mini Dutch Stroopwafel. We got a larger version of this sweet treat a few months back and I am still gaga for them. A mini cinnamon waffle sandwich filled with caramel, what’s not to love. I like the mini size because I didn’t feel like I got too much sugar and it still satisfied my sweet tooth. I can already tell you that I will be using these to fill Christmas stockings.

Prince of Peace Ginger Tea and Candy. I know that ginger has a lot of healthy qualities but I just cannot get behind the taste or scent. I may be missing out but I could not bring myself to taste these… if you did, please tell me what you thought.

Westminster Bakers Whole Wheat Hearty Crackers. By themselves these crackers leave a lot to be desired but with almond butter or tuna salad they add just the right crunch. I like that my cracker didn’t out shine the toppings and there are no preservatives. This is a great addition to my homemade lunches and a much better option than chips.

Dang Coconut Chips. Dang is the perfect word to describe these, they are amazing. Crispy and light with just enough sweetness to eat alone. I could even see sprinkling them over yogurt for a nice change. Coconut is one of my all time favorite tropical fruits and I am so glad that there are more snacks being introduced to me that help me not get bored too easily.

Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches. These are not new to our household, both my daughter and I are crazy about these handy pouches and all the wonderful flavors I can get. The cinnamon apple sauce is my favorite. I actually keep a pouch in my purse in case I feel a sugar low or a case of hungry.

Love with Food is such a great way to find amazing new treats for happy snacking. In each box, I find at least one product that each member of my family loves and it’s impossible to get bored with Love with Food. My favorite item this month was the Coconut Chips. I love that this month was centered around great after school snacking. I know for my family once the snacking gets boring we are off on terrible eating habits because it’s easier to grab junk than healthy items, I am so excited to add a few of these not only to our snacking options but to our lunchboxes too!

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