Lootaku September 2017 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Lootaku is a monthly geek subscription box from Hong Kong packed with high-quality geek and gamer items. The subscription costs $49.00 per month + shipping (currently about $17 to the US), and you’ll get 4-6 themed products, like plushies, action figures, memorabilia, etc., to satisfy your geeky cravings monthly – no fillers or promo items!

I like how the outside of the box is beautifully designed. A Chest – Full of Loot!

FYI – Lootaku dropped its price this year, reducing both the cost of the box and the shipping slightly, to the tune of about $7 in the US.

DEAL: If you’re looking to try it out, save 5% on your subscription – even longer lengths! Just use this link to get the deal.

The theme this month is “Into The Fray.” It features items from One Piece and Dragon Ball.

The item information card, or “Loot Table,” is thick and glossy, with lots of detail. When there are variations, it typically lists each possible variation you might receive!

All the goodies inside my September Lootaku Box!

One Piece Going Merry Mini Ship Figure ($10) Going Merry is the first ship of Straw Hat Pirates.

The ship’s figurehead is a sheep. If you’re familiar with his manga/anime series, this is also the place where protagonist Monkey D Luffy likes to sit when they are sailing.

This ship is jampacked!

They even included Nami’s orange trees – so detailed!

One Piece Thousand Sunny Mini Ship ($10) Thousand Sunny is the second ship of Straw Hat Pirates. The figurehead is a large lion face.

It is a brig sloop type of ship.

In the manga/anime series, Thousand Sunny is twice as big as Going Merry. But the figures we got are just about the same size.

Both the details and the coloring of this figure are excellent!

SCultures One Piece Big Coliseum Luffy Figure ($32) We’ve seen lots of Luffy figures and this is one of the best so far.

It features Luffy in a fighting position!

The figure arrived in different pieces, but it was pretty easy to assemble. It also included a black stand so we can properly display the item.

Looks like Luffy is ready to give a powerful punch!

If you look at it closely, the figure is quite elaborate – from his body position to his clothing and even the smallest accessories.

It really seemed like his clothes were blown by the wind. Such meticulous workmanship! And Luffy is ripped!

According to the description card, this figure was designed by veteran sculptures competitor and master figure designer Fukuya Yuta.

Dragon Ball Super SoulXSoul Trunks Figure ($25) This Trunks figure is from the newly released Soul x Soul series by Banpresto.

Soul x Soul series features characters in an action pose.

The figure came in three assemblable pieces, plus a stand which looks like a pile of rocks and a clear support.

Looks good, doesn’t it? It features Trunks with blue hair from Dragon Ball Super (his hair was purple in Dragon Ball Z).

Trunks is definitely in battle mode with a sword almost as tall as him.

Even from behind, you could see that it’s a well crafted figure.

Banpresto never disappoints!

Dragon Ball Super Mega WCF Time Machine – Rare ($30) Another item that wowed us this month is the Capsule Corporation Time Machine from the popular World Collectible Figure line of Banpresto.

In Future Trunks’ alternate timeline, this was created by Bulma and can be used to either go back to the past or visit the future.

The colors are accurate and there’s also the word “Hope!!”  written on the side of the machine.

The figure is 6 inches tall, even bigger than the figures included in the collection.

It’s a rare collectible item and Lootaku subscribers are really lucky to have this! It’s a totally different style of figure!

Top view.

A closer look at the interior of the time capsule.

Another great month for Lootaku! We got 3 large figures this month instead of the usual 1 or 2. As a result, there were fewer items in this month’s box, but since all 3 large figures are impressive in quality and value, we didn’t really mind. This box ships from Hong Kong and they often include overseas exclusives which are not available in the U.S. Such an awesome subscription for anime and manga fans of all ages!

What do you think about Lootaku?


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