Home Chef Review & Coupon – September 2017

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Home Chef is a meal in a box subscription – every week, you choose from a variety of recipes and have all the ingredients and preparation instructions delivered to your door. The basic concept is the same as other weekly meal delivery services, but it has its own unique features and recipes. Their meal options include many great Asian, Indian, African, and South American inspired dishes, along with more traditional American home-style and steakhouse fare.

Meal selections are suggested automatically according to a profile you fill out noting your family’s preferences, but you can change your selections any time. Home Chef offers an incredible 10 selections available for 2, 4, or 6 people, a breakfast choice, a smoothie choice, and a fruit basket selection. The portions are large, and this is currently the least expensive and has the most choice out of any similar major subscriptions (for 2 people) – $9.95 per person per selection (they typically have one meal a week that’s a premium meal).

The food is packed in puffy, padded cooler pads, with each meal packed in a separate bag containing nearly everything needed to make a complete meal. The box is always packed with several ice packs.

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The recipe cards display prep time, difficulty, a “best cooked by” time frame, and even a spice level. There is also a list of stuff you may need from your own kitchen such as cookware and salt and pepper. You have to have a basic kitchen set-up (stove/oven, cookware, etc.), but a couple tablespoons of cooking oil and salt and pepper are usually the only ingredients you have to have at home – they even include liquid egg (instead of expecting you to have eggs on hand), and oil for shallow-frying when a recipe calls for more than a few tablespoons worth.

The back of the card has the actual recipe guidance, complete with pictures and bold-facing of ingredients. The recipes are accompanied by pro-tips and explanations of cooking terminology and techniques. The tips appear in a sidebar so they don’t clutter the actual recipe. I love that they include a heads-up for when ingredients are divided and used in different parts of the dish. The prep is done is a sensible order – items with long lead times are started first, chopping is done all at once when it makes sense to do so, but they’ll also have you do some of the latter stage prep while other food is cooking, shortening the overall prep time. The recipe cards have pre-punched holes so you can store them in a recipe binder, but we usually prefer to just wait till the recipe is offered again instead of attempting to gather the ingredients to recreate it ourselves.

They’ve recently upgraded the bags used to bundle the meals! The new bags are, of course, recyclable, but they also have a handy resealable zip closure. I find this really useful, as the old bags would not always survive initial opening intact. These new bags stand up in the fridge, keeping everything together, and the clear side and labeling makes it easy to identify which meal is which.

All of the provided ingredients for our three recipes this week. Each recipe was packed separately, and neatly, in its own bag, except for the meat (which is shipped in a separate section of the box, surrounded by ice packs). Unless otherwise noted, each of the pictures of prepared food below shows one of two servings made by each recipe.

Pine Nut & Goat Cheese Bucatini Alfredo With Garlic Bread. 25-35 minutes, easy, 853 calories per serving.

This dish has a wonderfully creamy and flavorful sauce, thanks to the inclusion of goat cheese and cream. The veggies add a nice bit of texture and a good pop of flavor, breaking up the heaviness of the sauce. I love the choice of bucatini instead of just spaghetti – the sauce clings better, and the hollow tube presents a whole didn’t feel. Garlic bread wedges are a fun finishing touch that adds some crunch and sauce-sopping ability. This dish is easy to make, too — all the elements come together quickly.

Tex-Mex Turkey-Stuffed Peppers With Red Enchilada Sauce, Chihuahua Cheese, And Corn. 35-45 min, easy, 625 calories per serving.


This was super-fun and delicious. The roasted peppers added wonderful flavor, despite the dish not being very spicy at all. I loved the filling, as it had lots of turkey for protein, plus some corn for texture. They sent plenty of cheese to cover the peppers, and an enchilada sauce accompanied a spice packet, adding lots of Mexican flavor. The one-pan filling was a breeze to make, too, greatly simplifying the dish. Definitely one of our favorites that we will order again!

Nutella-Churro French Toast With Crispy Bacon. 25-35 min, easy, 894 calories per serving.


We made this as a weekend breakfast. The two-person recipe (both servings shown above) was enough to feed our whole family (presently two adults and three kids 2-8)! There was lots of Nutella, so the toast were very filling and very sweet. I like that some bacon accompanied it – six big strips – to add some additional protein – the oven-baking technique works perfectly for it. I don’t know if I could handle eating half of this plate myself, as it was very sweet. Very easy to put together, and it makes an impressive and indulgent treat.

We had great meals this week. We like grabbing their huge breakfast once in a while and converting it into a more reasonably portioned family meal, and we found a new favorite dish in the stuffed peppers. As always, they’ve managed to match great flavors with good sized portions – Home Chef is typically the heartiest of the meal kit subscriptions we regularly review, both in portion size and composition, though they’ve toned done the extreme size of the portions lately. With easy preparation and approachable flavors, it is a great subscription for fans of homestyle meals.

Have you tried Home Chef? What did you think of your meals?

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