Field To Cup September 2017 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Tea Discovery Box

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Field to Cup is a monthly tea subscription that lets you try several wonderful teas and then gives you a discount so you can stock up on your favorites! They have 6 different subscription options available at varying price points and with different amounts of tea. I am reviewing the Tea Discovery Box, which is $24.97 a month.

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The first thing to do is pick which of the 6 subscriptions you would like to receive!

There was a quick guide to the perfect cup on the inside of the lid.

The presentation was excellent. I found 7 bags snuggled in black paper squiggles and each bag featured all of the pertinent information – simple and yet not boring. The bags are resealable and will keep the tea fresh for a while.

I received a card welcoming me to the club.

The flip side of the card says that feedback is welcomed to help FTC provide the teas we the people want.

Next up was my September tea guide. This month’s teas are a bridge between warm summer months and that first glimpse of fall.

More tea steeping tips were on the back of the guide.

The inside of the guide was sort of the Cliffs Notes version of steeping times, amounts, etc. There was also a place for tasting notes. If for some reason you don’t care for a particular tea you can contact FTC and they will send a replacement tea in your next box.

Let’s get to drinking already!

I have a Teavana tea system to steep my tea but it was nice of FTC to include tea bags just in case.

Each bag included steeping instructions, water temperature, time, ingredients, caffeine level, and iced tea instructions. Don’t know how to tell 212° water from 170° water? The directions will let you know. In this case, pour rapidly boiling water over tea. In the case of 170°, it said to pour boiling water in cup, wait 45 seconds, then add tea.

Dark Berries Black Tea ($15.97 for 56g) “A rich blend of fermented pu’erh tea leaves with pieces of raspberries and pomegranate arils.” 

Although all of the teas were perfect, this was my favorite of the bunch! I love the earthiness of pu’erh and the fruity berry flavor was just right! When I placed the suggested tea amount in my steeper I was afraid the tea would be too weak but it was perfect. I added half-and-half and sugar and it was like dessert.

French Earl Grey Black Tea ($18.47 for 56g) ” A smooth blend of black tea leaves with lavender and bergamot essence.” 

I found this Earl Grey to have a stronger orange flavor than my usual brand and I couldn’t pick up the lavender at all. It made for a refreshing cup and while it was a touch bitter, milk and sugar fixed it right up.

Apples N Honey Black Blend ($17.47 for 56g) “A sweet blend of black tea and green tea leaves with pieces of apple and cinnamon.”

This smells wonderful, like a sweet caramel apple. It says “fall is almost here and I can TASTE it!” Although there are no nuts it had a nutty scent and was just perfect for early fall.

Sweet Heat Fruit Tea ($16.47 for 56g) “A balanced blend of strawberry and ginger with hibiscus blossoms and rosehip peel.”

So pretty! This one was yummy with a light, fruity/floral flavor and the ginger was just right, not overpowering.

Pearific Green Tea ($18.97 for 56g) “A light blend of green tea leaves with pear pieces.”

I love that the flower petals are still vibrant and make me feel happy just looking at it! It had a light, fruity flavor and wasn’t bitter.

Organic Silvery Buds White Tea ($16.97 for 56g) “A lightly oxidized white tea with silvery closed buds and new leaves.”

This is probably best steeped without the bags, just make sure to strain afterwards. This allows the tea to fully open and release its flavor and antioxidants. Speaking of flavor, it was light and refreshing with no trace of bitterness. Not as strong as green tea and with a lower caffeine level as well.

Organic Indian Summer Herbal Tea ($13.47 for 56g) “A warm blend of lemongrass with ginger and orange peel.” 

I was worried that the ginger would be too strong and burn my throat but nope, it was perfectly relaxing and would be great for someone feeling under the weather. I’m saving this for the next time my throat is irritated and will sweeten it with honey for extra relief.

I am so happy with my Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box! I adored the unique flavors and every one of them was tasty and fresh. I can get at least 3 servings per bag, although some teas can be resteeped for even more servings. I enjoyed the novelty of trying a new flavor every few days, plus, I thought FTC did a great job of providing a mix of black, green, white, and herbal teas with varying caffeine levels for any time of day or night. If you love discovering delicious teas every month then visit Field to Cup to get started on the plan that fits your needs. I love this subscription!

Have you tried Field to Cup? Let me know what you think of this box and tell me which flavor speaks to you!

Visit Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box to subscribe or find out more!

Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box

The unique monthly Tea Discovery service that does things differently. Each month, you'll get 10gr of 7 different teas, enough for 28+ cups. Teas arrive in resealable tea pouches that protect your tea from moisture and light.

Our Tea Discovery service also gives you secret access to an exclusive Steeping Guide that's sent out monthly. It's filled with key information on how to prepare teas in different ways (no there isn't one way!). The key to any great tea experience is learning how to adjust it to your taste.

97 per month


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